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The kingdom of Lovestar, a country divided by the recent death of the Queen Prisma. The queen's power will be bestowed over one of her seven princesses, for which they must fight and either ally, marry or subjugate the other 6.

Pick one of the princesses of the kingdom, and conquer the lands of Lovestar with your magical powers, and your magical servants!

  • Conquer the kingdom of Lovestar!

  • Five characters to choose, each with a different ending and different skills.

  • Traverse dungeons and fight against the other princesses.

  • You can marry once, any of the other girls.

  • Turn-based battle system with move.

  • Trinket system lets you summon allies to battle!

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Out of curiosity, what are the characters’ attraction and gender labels / pronouns?
Using this as image reference, from left to right.

April is bi / she.
Berry is gay / they (they are a trans girl).
Cherry is gay / she.
Melonie is gay / they (non-binary).
Nana is romantic ace / she.

The main thing I wanted was for them all to be either gay or bi, since I wanted them to be able to marry any of the other girls. Nana is the only one that's asexual, but she's open to relationships in a sort of platonic way.

For Berry, I kinda wanted to have a born-male person, thought it could give some interesting opportunities for their character setting and development. Then both Melonie and Nana's gender identity is mostly kind of derived from their likings and other parts of their personality.

This is kind of uncharted territory for me as I usually don't like to touch on romantic subjects in general. I hope I can give it the proper treatment it deserves.
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