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V1.1 Patch: Fixed a major bug.

An event wasn't activating right at the final fight in the Secret Ending, causing players to be stuck on a black screen. It is now fixed.

If you downloaded the original version of the game, download this version of the game, and copy-paste your save files from the old version to this one, and you'll be able to continue.

Three orphaned siblings find themselves on their own, as their ailing grandpa passes on...

But if they can't repay their grandpa's debt, the local crime Syndicate will take their home from them!

Together, they will master the Jobs they have at hand, and become freshly minted Adventurers to maybe, just maybe, save their old home...

Use 6 different Job Classes to delve into Three 3D First-Person dungeons, and defeat foes with Octopath's "Shield Break" combat system, with a handful of twists!

6 Medieval Jobs to Master!

The Siblings can freely change between 6 different Job Classes with their own unique strengths and combat skills!

By using JP gained by Working or Combat, you can learn Passive Skills that will remain active even if you switch Jobs! Master them all to become ferociously strong and versatile!

First Person 3D Dungeons!

Explore 3 dungeons in a 3D First Person view (complete with a minimap!) to look for enemies to fight, or for rare materials to pay off your debts or to trade with your neighbors!

Octopath-style "Shield Break" combat!

Every enemy is weak to a few types of Weapons! Use your various Job skills to hit their weaknesses and Stun them, then destroy them with Finisher Skills!

Trade with your Neighbors!

Materials you take home from "work" can be traded with your neighbors for armor, accessories and items! The materials they need and the rewards they offer will change ever morning, to keep you on your toes!

Some Neighbors will also offer little side-objectives for you to do, which will offer benefits to the entire party!

Endless Mode

Survive 3 debt repayments and you will unlock an Endless Mode, where you can continue to play to your heart's content... Or perhaps unlock the Alternative Secret Ending and the steep challenge that awaits within!

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