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Progress Report

Demo V1.4

Today a brand new demo for Liliput Legend went up! This demo includes a full rebalancing for equipment, skills, enemies and items. Battles should flow nicer now, there is more gold gained from battles, items and equipment have had a touch up to actually be balanced properly and most importantly the trade system actually has uses now. The issue before was a lack of available items to utilize it, and now it functions as needed. Some characters have gotten new skills, the game over "Retry" option works better and is no longer broken, there are new quests, the auction house has been added to the Nekomata Casino, and so much more. Please enjoy this updated demo while I continue to pluck away at the game itself <3

Progress Report

Demo #1 Hotfixes Part Duex

For the sake of balancing I've had to run through the entire demo, start to finish to test some things. The level up system has been refined, as it now costs more to push individual stats - This is because the enemies have now been balanced around your equipment far more then your levels. It is possible to clear the demo without ever raising a stat through levelling, but for those looking for an easier time, just boost a few stats and youre golden!

Another thing in dire need of testing was the INSTANT message speed. Some players dont like pauses, and thats 100% fine, but a few movement events on maps would cause a freeze if not permitted to fully play out, which the rapid speed of messages could affect. To this end I believe Ive caught every single instance of this and it should be good to go. If you encounter any events that seem to hang up or freeze and believe mashing through dialogue was the case, let me know and reply the event with a touch slower dialogue.

Finally, nearly every chest containing gold has had its value raised. As the balance of the game is more centered around your equipment then your level stats, you should have flexibility when it comes to shopping! The bottom line is I want to create a fun and responsive game for as many folks as possible, whether those looking for serious challenge or more just looking to check out the story. I hope I've managed that.

Happy Gaming! <3

Progress Report

Demo #1 Hotfixes

Thanks to some INSANELY positive feedback from players (Holy crap, I am le stun) I've been able to find a few areas that could use a touch more love, so the demo has been fixed and reuploaded with the following changes;

Enemies from every area from the Marshlands->onward have been nerfed a bit, primarily in ATK/DEF/INT/SPRT stats, to make the difficulty curve between areas smoother. I don't have a sharp spike in damage variance, I want a gentle curve while people figure out how they want to build.

Ilyana has received a small buff in the form of a little more MP and her Rapid Fire skill being buffed to deal more damage overall, while also costing slightly less. While it's primary use is still intended to be dropping flyer enemies, it will now be a touch more useful against other enemies.

Rigel has also received a a bit of love, in that his first spell obtained now deals more damage. Before it was simply a combination of his ATK and INT stats, but now it gains a x2 bonus from INT. It still pierces through all defenses (provided the target doesnt null/absorb Sand) so I dont want this to become too overpowered. Likewise every single dagger of his has gotten an additional 10% chance to crit (Bringing them to 25% crit chance)


Demo #1 Is LIVE!

That's right! The very first demo for Liliput Legends is live on both rpgmaker.net as well as itch.io! Though the eventual goal for this game is to be sold commercially, the demo itself is 100% free. All I want is your feedback, your opinions, and maybe the knowledge that you had some fun in playing around ^_^

Happy gaming! <3

Progress Report

Demo #1: Update news!

Hello all perspective players out there! I'm super happy to report that the first demo of Liliput Legend is effectively 100% ready to go! So why isn't it posted yet, you might be asking? Well, like all things, balance and breaking are super important. A friend of mine is currently playing through it start to finish in order to try and break, exploit, stress-test, and whatever else she's capable of to ensure that anyone else trying the demo won't find any game-breaking bugs, bad balance or anything else!

Now as she's doing that, I am continuing work into the post-demo areas and the rest of the game, as well as fixing minor things that will be included in the demo (touching up dialogue, fixing typos, anything minor like that) so if you notice something in a new screenshot there might well be a chance I add it in! Either way, come hell or high water, the demo will be playable at the end of this month! :D

Get hyped!
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