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This is Oldhar speaking.

After the lost sword has returned itself to me, I have been given the access code to enter the Godly Realm where I confronted Reid. Such a powerful tool is a means to which they can use to mess with the Haroldverse as they wished. See the results of Maelstrom Leviathan and Monster Life, with which Reid manipulated the Harolds from the shadows in order to grant an audience with the Harold God.

This access code is given in the form of a shutdown sequence in which it is used to expel viruses, just like it did to remove the influence of the Lost Sword from Reid.

I sense trouble is afoot, No doubt certain factions are planning to hunt for this access. The logical response is to protect myself. But that does not resolve the problem.

So I would have other means. Namely, to just let them come to me.

I trust that my vassal will know what to do. In the meantime, I shall await for the one to usurp me and earn the right as the ultimate Harold in the haroldverse. The team that can best me I will entrust my fate and the responsibility to end the interloper attempting to harvest my access and enter the Godly realm.

I will be waiting and hoping that my predictions will come true. When he puts his plan in motion, I have high expectations that he will do what he must to prevent the virus from entering the God realm.



- A multitude of Harolds from many Haroldverses facing off the Harold Tales team. (From original to familiar to even some transformed from their former incarnations)

- Charge Turn Based combat

- Unique Harold Tales playable cast members including a minotaur, a bat, an orc, two genderbend Harolds and a demon mage. A queer cast with the main character being the son of 2 fathers.

- A fanservice story paying tribute to Harold jams of the past hosted by Human:
Link: https://itch.io/jam/haroldjam22 | https://itch.io/jam/haroldjam |

- Build relationships with your party members by talking to them. If you let Zakrias participate in the battles, you can build your relationship quicker.

Meet the Cast and the Harolds

Warning: There may be strong visual distractions like static and glitch effects that may not be good for the eyes. Play at your own risk.

Itch.Io link: https://berryitch.itch.io/harvsold

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