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Steam Page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1816050/

Easy to play, hard to master, join this adventure on an unique card game where you are able to do everything you ever wanted. Collect cards, build your decks, play offline on history mode, challenge your friends online or take on the world in a ranked system!

Are you an online competitive player? Do you prefer playing with your friends? Or would you rather have some fun single player game? Kamigami was made for all of you! In single player you can play our immersive history mode in Visual Novel style and face an incredibly challenging AI in amazing duels! Hours and hours of single player content, if you wish, you do not need to go online at all!
Of course the online gamers wouldn't get left out of a card game right? You can face opponents in the entire world through our ranked duel system! You can also challenge your friends in Kamigami, is there anything that we left out? I don't think so!

Unleash all the power of mythological deities and take the most of each card! In Kamigami there isn't a "most powerful" or "weakest" card, all cards have been made to be balanced, what will be important is how you use them together with other cards. Each card is better at a specific duel situation, and knowing how to navigate through is the way to become a Kamigami Master!

In Kamigami there is no buying cards in-game for real money, every card is obtainable through online or campaign mode, the moment you buy this game you have 100% of its features included! Forget about other card games that force you to buy extra cards to stay competitive. Are you ready to open the booster packs and build your dream deck with over 300 cards at your disposal?

You can customize your deck the way you want it to be! There are almost limitless slots for decks, explore the close to infinite amount of strategies Kamigami can offer you. Hours and hours of fun gameplay and deck building just waiting for you, if you really love card games there is no way you won't enjoy!

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