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Dear sister, we meet again
Can you hear the song?
The cries of those who fallen

Song of the Bereaved is a turn-based RPG set in a fantasy apocalypse world.
Players will take control of a hero, with the power of resurrection, to defeat a corrupted sentient weapon.

The game will be our entry for IGMC Rebirth Jam

Power of Resurrection

Dungeon-exploring Skills

Active Time Grid Battle

Familiars Summoning

Song of the Bereaved is a fantasy RPG set in a world where humanity is on the brink of destruction after an organic weapon creation went wrong. A certain kingdom created a sentient weapon using the soul of the dragons and infused it into an indirect descendant of the royals of said kingdom. The creation was a success but the power was too strong and it corrupted the host, then it proceed to destroy the kingdom and everything nearby.

Players will take control of one of the survivors which also the sibling of the first host. After the survivors perfected the process of creating the weapon, the main character was chosen as the host as they were also compatible to wield its power. Then, driven by their motivation to put their sibling out of their misery, the main character will delve inside a dungeon to defeat them. If the main character dies, players will be able to resurrect by taking control of one of their retainers. After taking control, their soul will be fused and the main character will get any skills the retainer has along with the body.


This is a short prototype to showcase some basic features of the game.
Most of the assets are placeholders and will be replaced in the later version
Right now, we are collecting feedback from the prototype, so the next version can be better.

Latest Blog

What's behind the names Pt.2

Good day, everyone!
Continuing the last devlog, I'll be talking about names right now.
For a game with a deep story like this, deciding names has not been easy for me. So, I'm writing this to lay down my line of thoughts for future reference for me and maybe for someone else that needs it.
Before, I talked about the MC named Kadena, next I'll be talking about people around them.

Next up, I got the teacher. He's Kadena's martial art instructor. He was also a veteran and was regarded as a hero. Unfortunately, he got hurt so bad when he was blindly attacking the Z-being, resulting in it taking one of his arms and his friends from him. His aspiration to help Kadena besides being their instructor is because this is the least he can do, being a crippled veteran in the survivors' camp, and also taking revenge for his friends that died because of the attack. Thankfully, he can resonate with Kadena's power.

With his background, I searched for a famous adventurer's name. I found a lot of names but was leaning toward Vasco da Gama, the first European explorer to reach India by sea, because Vasco is a fitting name for this world.

The instructor's name is now Vasco.

I also have MC's childhood friend. He's the last survivor of the main lineage of the destroyed kingdom's royalties. Despite him, supposedly, being the next on the throne, he only knew about the research for the sentient weapon (that started the whole incident) after the incident happened. Driven by guilt, he asked Kadena so that he can join to help them. With him being part of the royalties, he resonates well with Kadena's power.

For this character, I'm focusing more on his visuals. Looking at the prominent red color on his hair and his eyes, I figured the best name for him is something that means red. Red is also the color for bravery. It also happens to be the color of luxury too. Searching a bit translating from other languages, I found Rojas as a fitting name for this world.

The last royalty and MC's childhood friend's name is now Rojas.

I'll be sure to write for the other NPCs, it's been fun to share what's on my mind. Please, stay tuned!

Thank you for reading, and don't forget to check out the game!
See you on the next blog!
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I've talked with the team about how the game will progress. Communication is critical, but you must ensure others understand your intention.

I'm glad they understood my scribbles

The game will have 4 stages, the first one is on the way to the gate of the wall of a fallen kingdom, then inside the ruined town after the villager moved, and the next is onto the cathedral or what is left of it, and end in the big castle where the monster rests before going on another rampage.
Do you get it from this scribble?
I decided to use floating textbox for Song of the Bereaved!

It will increase in length as I add more lines, wow

As usual, assets are still placeholders. But I will frame the MC shortly.

What do you think? I think floating textbox is cool
I'm back with the MC and other important NPCs~

the ones that will appear in the IGMC version (hopefully) are:
A kid that volunteered because she wanted her little brother to live a better life (the MC promised to take care of her brother)
An ex-martial arts instructor who is also a veteran of the last war
and an informant who actually knows behind the scene of what happened back then

no fixed name yet, we'd like to give them names that actually mean something, but as of now, we call them D, B, and G (if you have suggestions on what to name them, however, feel free to drop them in the reply)
also, their colors might change in the actual game
Currently working on the second prototype to show off the battle system and the map, but got a little bit delayed because of some technical stuff.

In the meantime, here're some screenshots of the second prototype while I fix the update~

I've just updated the prototype! The 2nd prototype includes:
- Grid Battle System
- Area of Effect skills
- Maps that are more similar to what it will be
- Story Progression
- Updated title screen (still the prototype version, so it's a little goofy)

Known issues:
- Skill window offset is too high

The assets used are still placeholders, it will be changed in the future version!

Please check our entry on the itch.io page as well, thank you!
Our IGMC Entry

Look what I got from the artists, a ref sheet and a standing sprite for the MC!
Their name will be Kadena, derived from Cadence, which means 'in rhythm', do you think their name fits them visually?

These are the different types of enemies that you will find in the game. They are corrupted by the corrupted power of the Z-being, the main antagonist of the game.

I've also made a devlog about our process in designing these + the familiars (for summoning purposes), check it out~
Currently working on a devlog about how I think of a name for the characters in my game.

Can you guess the idea behind them before I spill it?

Also the idea between area of effect skills that will be used by the enemies or can be used by the players on the battle.
Here are some examples for them

Good day, everyone!
I've just updated the prototype. Now, it has a placeholder menu (some of them work), more areas to explore, and a total of 4 skills to obtain!

Download the prototype here
The artist has just given me a far more better logo and title for Song of the Bereaved.

What do you think? This is fitting for a somber-vibe tactical JRPG, right?
I wrote my line of thought for the names of characters in this game, starting with the MC, come take a look at this
Finally got the grid battle UI figured out. With the help of the artist, this is an example of the UI.

A battle on 8x4 grid where you also need to watch your position before attacking.
What do you think?
Continuing writing my line of thought for names! Now it's the instructor and the childhood friend's turn

Come take a look at the idea behind them!
Currently working on the final version of the game~
One more day, come on. Please look forward to it!

I've done it! The version for IGMC jam can now be played here!

Reminder that it's still in beta, there might be bugs that I missed on the testing, and a lot of grammatical error (the person I rely on for grammar check is busy). But, please, enjoy the game and tell me how you feel!
Changed a lot of graphics in the last seconds

What a ride! Thank you to everyone who's been supporting me, now I'll just wait for the result. Don't forget to rate the game here
I'll try updating this game a bit until the rating period ends~
Stay tuned!
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