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In her youth, Yazrina Myth was not the hero she would eventually become. Indeed, she began her life as an unrepentant villain. This is the tale of the event in her life that would eventually put her on the path to righteousness. Stubborn and having a brain filled with the dogma of evil demon gods and their conniving priests, what could it take to turn her from her evil ways? Indeed, the Queen of Spiders, whose name is never told, has tampered with the very essence of the being of the drow elf, making it impossible for a drow to ever see anyone as inferior to them. But perhaps it is possible to at least see other people as equals. Drow in the past have done it before.

The previous game, Age of Myth, was rated M due to some very strong themes and some minor nudity. Due to restrictions from the IGMC competition, this game has been written to be rated T. There is no foul language, and no graphic violence, although there are some uncomfortable story elements (Yazrina is an assassin, after all.).

To make this game copyright-friendly, several minor lore elements have been changed. Welcome to the world of Elestara. Here, the Dark Realm is the home of the drow, deep beneath the surface of the world, and the gods follow the leadership of the Great Paladin of the Sun: Lady Corva.

This game follows the core rules of Dungeons & Dragons 5E, using the Dungeons and Dragons script written by Kyutaru, making proper use of the 5E System Resource Document (5ESRD), provided copyright free by Wizards of the Coast through the Open Gaming License Version 1.0.

This game extensively uses PVG resources for its aesthetic.

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I apologize: I forgot to credit LIBERTY/PSI/SILVERSATYR/7THLITTLELEOPARD for her windowskin in the game. That will be corrected in future uploads.

In fact, I used two windowskins by her, combining them to get the look I wanted. I have it written down, I just have so many credits that I just missed it.
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  • 07/26/2022 06:51 PM
  • 08/06/2022 12:15 AM
  • 08/04/2022
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It is nice to see a more DnD friendly game vs the typical Jrpg. Nice!
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