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After much preparation and negotiation, you have finally been allowed to marry your lover, Ezra.

However the ceremony is rudely interrupted by Lilith, the archdemon of rebirth – who your grandmother defeated 50 years ago. Now in human form, Lilith kidnaps Ezra, claiming they made a promise to be together in a past life.

Of course, you are having absolutely none of it, so you (a berserker), your best friend Alex (a court mage) and sister-in-law Eva (a paladin) set out to chase down Lilith and rescue you spouse-to-be.

A breezy and lighthearted romp through 4 short areas (gameplay around 2 hours).

Both the main character and their marriage partner's gender are decided by you. Enjoy the love story you want to play.

Project developed for the IGMC 2022 contest.

Latest Blog

Version 1.1 Released!

​I hope everyone is doing well, if you haven't heard A Stolen Love and the Forgotten Promise​​ came 2nd in the IGMC! Which both myself and Indrah are thrilled with!

Anyhow, we have an update for you. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback, we listened and used it to inform this update's quality of life improvements.

Game Updated to Version 1.1
I believe all save files should be compatible but can not guarantee it.

Bug Fixes
  • The Passive Skill menu now displays PP instead of incorrectly displaying MP.
  • One of the enemy troops in the forest has been corrected, you should no longer find any DUMMY encounters.
  • Certain icons have been corrected/updated for better clarity; haste, def -> dex, mag -> int, mdf -> wis
  • Extra Attack and Extra Accessory now have descriptions in the skill tree system to better inform players.
  • Splash Axe has been reworked, apologies to the people who I said exact kill to, if you scored a critical hit or the enemy was weak to water, and the crit damage or weakness damage caused the kill then Splashback wouldn't trigger. It has all been fixed, and if you get an exact kill then Splashback will do 3/10 (normal/berserk)​ damage.
  • The passive skill Ferocity now works. No one reported this! I stumbled across it during my work updating Splash Axe.
    Status effects on skills are no longer 100%, this was a bug. Enemies on normal difficulty now have their intended resistances.
  • I am hoping we have fixed the "stray pixels" on the battlers. If not please let us know, we've never been able to reproduce it ourselves but have tried our hardest to fix it.

Polish/Quality of Life Updates
  • Lilith no longer has A,B,C for her different lives.
  • Players will now get visual feedback on critical hits, elemental weaknesses/resistances, and status effect changes.
  • Known weaknesses are now displayed upon targeting enemies.
  • There is now a note in the battle end messages when you have new skills available, gain a skill point, or master a skill tree.
  • Alexander now has a flashing second self to indicate when he has two actions available when using his Time Magic skill tree.
  • The initial tutorials have been re-ordered. You will now get the passive skill tutorial after battle three, you will also be given an MP+20% passive skill item to facilitate learning how that system works. The skill tree system tutorial now takes place after your fourth battle when you will be able to learn your first skills (if you did not change your default trees).
  • The interaction icon for the sheep stuck on the mountain has been expanded to make it more clear you can interact with it.
  • There are now three difficulty modes, you will receive the option to change difficulty after your fifth battle, following this battle you can change the difficulty at any time from using the "Change Difficulty" key item.
  • The status screen has been updated, you can check all your status resists in one handy place now! No more checking skill trees, passives, and equipment to work out your status effect resistances.
  • While no one reported to us that they got stuck on the final boss, we had a lot of feedback about instantly losing the final boss on first tries due to not taking any form of charm protection. We have added one very clear warning in the castle area.

We have genuinely been buzzing and ecstatic with the feedback and responses we've had so far. So please leave us a comment if you play (and especially if you find any bugs that have not been found so far).

All the best Fomar0153 & Indrah


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I'm a dog pirate
Just played it!

A nice game with a ton of content packed into two hours. The tl;dr is that it's insanely fast paced - for better or for worse. Every map has a ton of items to find (including upgrades) and the gameplay is deep enough for a game 4 times the length (especially if there was a full cast). Levels and skills come fast and combat is zippy. It's like I'm at an all-you-can eat buffet for two hours, haha.

The secrets in the forest were nicely designed and telegraphed, and the looping level design in the third area was on point. The elevator set piece was my favorite, and I loved the coffin/undead humor in the penultimate area. The story was nicely written and the characters were very entertaining, though the ending was kind of abrupt. I believe I missed one or two secrets overall. Otherwise I grabbed everything and defeated the optional boss.

I found the game to be very easy and balanced forgivingly, but the optional boss and final fights packed a punch and forced me to master stun locking. In other words, I think the balance is perfect for a regular/story mode. The inclusion of a hard mode and optional dungeon would've been great, especially given the depth of the combat, but it's still a strong result given the one-month time period. I think it's the best project you guys have made so far. A solid 4/5 from me.

Edit: I also loved the little skits that played when you rest at the inns. Great touch :D
Thank for the feedback both here and on Discord. Indrah and I are both really greatful that you took the time to play and feedback to us.

I did future proof the game to make it easier to add extra difficulties, that's likely to be added in post contest releases. As for an optional dungeon you'd have to persaude Indrah.

Thank you again :)
I get error : "Your connection is not private" on download page.
I get error : "Your connection is not private" on download page.

I've added a new download, that might resolve your issue.


Version 1.1 Released
Some minor bug fixes, and hopefully a really weird bug several people had (that we could not reproduce) where the battlers had "stray pixels" has been fixed. If not please let us know.

Also quite a few quality of life updates.
You're magical to me.
Congrats on placing 2nd in the IGMC!!! :DDDD I knew this game was a winner! Very well deserved! ^_^
Congrats on placing 2nd in the IGMC!!! :DDDD I knew this game was a winner! Very well deserved! ^_^

Thank you! We are over the moon, even had we not placed all the feedback we got this time blew us away. Once again thank you for helping with the testing, we couldn't have done this without you :)
You're magical to me.
Always happy to help, and I had a lot of fun even as I was testing! :D
This was a fun game, and the romance between the main character and Ezra was very well done, healthier than what you usually see in fantasy fiction I think. Thank you for making it!

I did encounter a couple of bugs: playing as a woman with Ezra as a man, there were times when people used the wrong pronouns. In particular, the main character's dad says, referring to Ezra, "...I thought I could invite him over, have a meal, cook her some proper hunter's food, you know?" I think there were a few other instances like that, but I only made a specific note of that one.

Also, after finishing the game, I replayed the final battle, and at one point the game hung during one of the boss' attacks. After about a minute I just closed the window and relaunched the game, and it didn't happen again. It's quite likely just my computer being kinda crappy, but I thought I'd mention it.
Glad you enjoyed the game. I know there were a couple of pronouns we missed, thanks for noting where, will make it much easier to fix them.
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