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After much preparation and negotiation, you have finally been allowed to marry your lover, Ezra.

However the ceremony is rudely interrupted by Lilith, the archdemon of rebirth – who your grandmother defeated 50 years ago. Now in human form, Lilith kidnaps Ezra, claiming they made a promise to be together in a past life.

Of course, you are having absolutely none of it, so you (a berserker), your best friend Alex (a court mage) and sister-in-law Eva (a paladin) set out to chase down Lilith and rescue you spouse-to-be.

A breezy and lighthearted romp through 4 short areas (gameplay around 2 hours).

Both the main character and their marriage partner's gender are decided by you. Enjoy the love story you want to play.

Project developed for the IGMC 2022 contest.

Latest Blog

Game released!

It's been a while but I'm delighted to say I persauded Indrah to enter the IGMC with me. So now I present to you In Search of A Stolen Love and the Forgotten Promise.

I think we both feel it's the best game we've released so far, and we're delighted to share it with you.

We would love for you to give it a try and share your thoughts and feedback with us.



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I'm a dog pirate
Just played it!

A nice game with a ton of content packed into two hours. The tl;dr is that it's insanely fast paced - for better or for worse. Every map has a ton of items to find (including upgrades) and the gameplay is deep enough for a game 4 times the length (especially if there was a full cast). Levels and skills come fast and combat is zippy. It's like I'm at an all-you-can eat buffet for two hours, haha.

The secrets in the forest were nicely designed and telegraphed, and the looping level design in the third area was on point. The elevator set piece was my favorite, and I loved the coffin/undead humor in the penultimate area. The story was nicely written and the characters were very entertaining, though the ending was kind of abrupt. I believe I missed one or two secrets overall. Otherwise I grabbed everything and defeated the optional boss.

I found the game to be very easy and balanced forgivingly, but the optional boss and final fights packed a punch and forced me to master stun locking. In other words, I think the balance is perfect for a regular/story mode. The inclusion of a hard mode and optional dungeon would've been great, especially given the depth of the combat, but it's still a strong result given the one-month time period. I think it's the best project you guys have made so far. A solid 4/5 from me.

Edit: I also loved the little skits that played when you rest at the inns. Great touch :D
Thank for the feedback both here and on Discord. Indrah and I are both really greatful that you took the time to play and feedback to us.

I did future proof the game to make it easier to add extra difficulties, that's likely to be added in post contest releases. As for an optional dungeon you'd have to persaude Indrah.

Thank you again :)
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