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Updated version uploaded

I'm no longer able to sustain the state of hyperfocus that allowed me to make a game in 1 month for the IGMC jam, so I want to reserve my gamedev energy for my main project, "This is Not My Final Form". For that reason, I've decided to cut short my initial plans for an extensively revamped version of Angelic Virtues. Still, this updated version has quite a few improvements. Here is a list of the changes:

-Filesize considerably reduced. I was very close to the jam's deadline when I submitted my entry, so I kept all the unused RTP sound and music files to avoid any potential game crashes in case I had somehow forgotten to remove FANFARE.WAV as the default victory theme or whatever. Now I no longer need to worry about that! Let me know if the game crashes.

-The first three battles (a.k.a. the "tutorial" battles) now have a "Retry with Full HP and MP" option if you die.

-All RTP icons have been replaced with custom icons.

-Finn's Refresh spell now costs only 1 item instead of 2, making it slightly more usable.

-Faye's big special spell now costs 2 items instead of 3. To compensate for this, its power has been considerably reduced, though it will still hit hard on account of being able to use it immediately after a spell that more than doubles your attack power.

-Three new spells added: Cross Slash (Attack combo spell for Finn and Faye), Pyroclastic Barrage (Attack combo spell for Irene and Gabrielle) and Blazing Heart (Support spell for Gabrielle that increases the party's attack)

-Flame Barrier now needs to be bought from Sandalphon's shop. Gabrielle starts with Pyroclastic Barrage equipped instead.

-You can now only buy a single "Egg's Blessing". Its effects don't stack so you were never meant to buy more than one.

-Faye's boss (who has 1 whopping line of dialogue in the entire game) and Melvin now have face portraits. Gabrielle now has a few minor, barely noticeable variations in her facial expressions. Irene still has a single facial expression because the default one fits every single one of her lines, bless her soul.

-I couldn't muster the motivation to design and write a bunch of NPCs, so the city is still mostly empty, with the exception of a cool guy in sunglasses that will be sometimes found lounging about in the bench next to the pizzeria.

-There's now a hot dog vendor at the beach's hot dog stand in Level 1. She sells HP and MP recovery items, though they cost a different currency than spells.

-Glitter clumps now give you a short blurb of text about the place you find them in, AND also some Pegadollars (the new currency used to buy hot dogs).

-To account for the considerable increase in damage potential from the new spells, the final boss' HP has been increased a bunch.

-The ending has been revised to be a bit less abrupt. There is a new CG scene. The plans for having a bunch of scenes setting up further plot points have been scrapped for now. I'll get back to that if I decide to continue the game in the future. On that note, the lines for the Celenin Soldier have been rewritten since I now have a completely different idea for where to take that character.

-I'm probably forgetting something, I'll edit this blog post if I remember what it was.

All in all, it's probably not worth playing through this updated version if you already played the jam version, unless you want to see the new ending CG scene (it's pretty cute).

Progress Report

Populating the city with NPCs

Other than the battle balance concerns, it's also been brough to my attention that the residential unit of the starship Pegasus doesn't really have any residents. I don't plan to go overboard with it, but I'll throw in a couple colorful characters you can chat with if you are so inclined, such as

The hot dog stand will also have a hot dog vendor. They will sell hot dogs!

Progress Report

New spells for the post-jam version!

If you have played the IGMC version of Angelic Virtues, you might have noticed that the offerings of Sandalphon's shop were rather... scarce. Particularly the attack combo spell section, which was completely empty. But not for long! I have added a new attack combo spell for Irene and Gabrielle:

And also a timeless classic, beloved by children and adults (but especially former children who are now adults):

Look forward to using them when the post-jam version is uploaded.


Angelic Virtues, my IGMC 2022 game, is out!

I'm pretty proud of how this turned out, even if some parts of it ended up a little rushed or undercooked due to the 1 month development period. I'll upload a slightly more polished version (possibly with a revised version of the ending) after the IGMC contest is over.

If you happen to like the game, consider rating it for the IGMC: Rebirth People's Choice prize! https://itch.io/jam/igmc-rebirth/rate/1649255
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