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Magic is in the air!

Good day,
today I'm going to tell you about another game released for the IGMC: Rebirth 2022, Angelic Virtues. This game was made by Erilex using RPG Maker MV, and it's about Magical Girls! But let's start with a bit of story:

We play as Finn, a normal boy with no special powers that goes to school inside the spaceship Pegasus, the last hope for humanity. Earth was in fact ravaged by a race of aliens called Celenin, so the survivors of the attack now live inside this giant spaceship, that is powered by the Mystic Core. This is a mysterious artifact that was somewhat able to create a group of magical girls with the powers to defeat the Celenin warriors, and for this reason they are humanity last line of defense! Oh and the title Angelic Virtues is because these magical girls are related each one to one of the seven angelice virtues, and yes, the game involves angels too, of course! But I won't say more, let's see instead our alter ego's beginnings.

Thanks a lot, I'm just doing my best, and I am also the only healer here! Let me earn some experience, and you will see!

Like most anime about magical girls, the protagonist starts living a boring life going to school, meeting friends... well his only friend and going to the cinema, and so on until something happens and change his life forever!
In fact looks like that the Mystic Core chose Finn, a boy, as a new magical girl! Yes, but there is no time to discuss because this means that the Celenin army is attacking, and a new team of magical girls will have to fight to protect the last people of Earth.

Angelic Virtues is a short and original adventure that looks like the first episode of an anime series: Finn is living a normal life until he is chosen to protect Pegasus, meets other magical girls and creates a team, learns about his new powers and fights gains the alien menace. The ending would be a perfect beginning for another adventure or even a series of the adventures of the team of the magical girls.

The game is about one hour and fifteen minutes long, and it's a linear adventure in which we have to visit a city inside the Pegasus that is structured in three levels, and later fight the aliens using a classic jrpg combat system, even if with some interesting features: some of the characters' special moves generates Focus, that is divided in different elements, like for example Metal. Each Magical Girl can unleash a special move once he/she has enough Focus, like our protagonist Finn that has a special power that makes all the team members regenerate health, and that's very useful since there are no healing spells available!

These Celenin aliens rely on technologic weapon and are rather aggressive, but our magic will defeat them!

Another interesting feature is that there are no save points, or better there is one... and it's portable! Basically the Magical Girls can access a magical area called Egg Sanctum in which it's possible to save of buy items spending Glitter. While this is apparently a nice idea, unfortunately there isn't a lot of useful things that you can buy here (The Combo Attack option for example has exactly zero items available so it's practically useless/inexistent). Especially there are no consumables available
for sale, even if you start with some that will be only marginally useful since none of these restores Magic Points, an important resource for our warriors!
Luckily some healing points will provide a complete regeneration of the team, but this means that the player has to spend wisely the resources between them, and play each combat encounter strategically, since there is absolutely no way to escape or avoid them, but at least this means that you will not find random encounters!

Now the graphics: while there aren't lots of explorable places (even if sometimes exploring the city you can find glitter, the equivalent of money in other games, scattered here and there, pity that as explained before it's not so useful due to the few useful items available) but all is well drawn, and while the place looks empty since we'll meet very few Npcs, the game looks prety stilysh and cool thanks also to the many different portraits with several expressions, cutscenes (that include the classial transformation sequences, of course!) and animations. All looks custom made and fits perfectly the setting since it's done with the same colorful anime style, from the battlers, to the monsters (I liked the design of the creatures and the costumes of the girls) and locations. Speaking about locations it's a pity you cannot enter every place, but ok, this is a short adventure.
Visuals are good, but also music is nicely selected and appropriate to the various moments. Nothing else to say here!

A Magical Girls game without transformation cutscenes? Impossible!

Final Verdict
Angelic Virtues is a pretty good entry, my only complaint is that it looks like a demo: first because the shop seems incomplete, I mean there are too few items available (I admit I expected to have others onlocked later... but this did not happen!), and it lacks some consumables that would made combat a bit more balanced since you have to win but also to spare enough Magic Points to overcome the next enemies until you can reach a regeneration point. Some more Npcs would not have been bad, I mean see the Hot Dogs stand on the first pic? Just a little guy behind the counter, even with no dialogue, would have been enough, just to make the world look a bit more alive.

The story is also pretty good, but I also expected some involvemente of Finn's friend and the M.R.A. (play the game and see) on the story, but no. Pity because there was room for more, on the other hand there was limited time to release the game so it's ok. This was a good game anyway, even if it looks as a prologue, or the pilot of a magical girls adventure series, but of a very good series!


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Thanks a lot for the review! I did originally plan to put NPCs in the city you could talk to, but the IGMC deadline forced me to scrap a lot of my initial plans. This and other things (like the combat balance and the lack of healing options) I plan to adress with a slightly revised version after the contest is over.
Thanks a lot for the review! I did originally plan to put NPCs in the city you could talk to, but the IGMC deadline forced me to scrap a lot of my initial plans. This and other things (like the combat balance and the lack of healing options) I plan to adress with a slightly revised version after the contest is over.

Yeah, I guessed that! Anyway I was able to finish it even if I had to manage wisely the resources. Just adding some consumables (like the ones you start with) at the shop would improve a lot the game, anyway it's pretty good as it is. Well, I hope for a sequel too!
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