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Warrior. Mage. Healer.

The three traditional classes...reborn.

In the face of a recurring darkness, you must choose a class and build up your skillset to defeat the Dark Lord yet again. However, you don't just choose once: you must choose from the three classes across three rounds. Select the warrior each time to become a dominant physical force or take a balanced approach and select a different class each time. The choice is yours.

-10 to 20 minutes per play-through
-27 possible skill combinations


Yanfly Engine (plugins)
SumRndmDde (plugins)
The Mighty Palm (tilesets)
ElvGames (tilesets)
Alexdraws (sprites)
Music by Cleyton Kauffman - https://soundcloud.com/cleytonkauffman

TriKnight was developed in RPG Maker MV using enemy sprites from RPG Maker 2003 (I own both engines through Steam) and created with the theme "rebirth" for the 2022 Indie Game Making Contest.

Happy playing!

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  • 08/05/2022 03:19 PM
  • 09/07/2022 02:12 AM
  • 07/25/2022
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This looks like a good pixel game.
But you shouldn't use any of the RTP graphics that you did in battle mode.
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