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Sacred Reviews: TriKnight


"TriKnight" was developed by unclet for the 2022 Indie Game Maker Contest using RPG Maker MV and is meant to center around the theme of rebirth. A theme the game addresses by reusing sprites from an older RPG Maker engine as well as by having a villain and hero that are reborn every time the player beats the game.


You play as the TriKnight, the brother of the dark lord, and are on a never ending quest to kill him since he revives from death every single time you kill him. As such the game shows the sad fate of a character trapped in an endless cycle of death and rebirth whose forced to slay his own brother over and over and over again.


As the name applies your character will have not one but three classes assigned to them, but those classes are added over the course of the game since you get to pick a class before each fight.

And your choice will impact the skills you have access to for each battle as well. If you want to play the game as safely as possible I'd suggest taking the healer class (the shield) at the start of the game since it will give you access to restora which recovers 30% of the player's health every time it's cast. And it will allow for a lot more leeway when it comes to making mistakes. Though certain combos of classes definitely seem more viable than others. You can play through the game just sticking to the warrior class but you will find yourself basically on the edge of your seat most battles since you'll have to be hyper aggressive and make sure your picking off enemies in the right order. And I assume a similar fate will befall you if you go for a pure magic build as well. Albeit I haven't tested that one just yet.

And even before you make your first class decision your presented with questions that influence your stats. And I kind of wish the game made it more clear what those decisions did since it would probably make building a pure warrior or pure mage a bit easier. Since if your going to have to be hyper aggressive in order to win it would be good to know how much this or that choice will influence your hit points and offensive stat of choice.

Albeit certain builds may not even be viable since my attempt to clear the second battle as a warrior/healer was a complete and utter disaster. Though I may not have struck the right balance of empowering my all slash with focus and using regular attacks to pick off weakened enemies. So that path might just require a more strategic approach to the second engagement. Or my opening decisions may have influenced my stats in a way that made that build utterly impossible for me since I had chosen to be strong in body and fear death.

And I know from a little further testing that your early decisions do impact how many times you can use skills as well as how powerful they are. Albeit you can always guard in order to regain MP for your skills. So having more MP for your various skills isn't helpful as you'd imagine if you go for the healer class at the start of the game, but I imagine it would be a lot more useful for hyper offense builds since they could go longer before needing to guard in order gain enough MP to begin another round of attacks on the enemy.

Graphics and Sound

The game sounds and looks alright in my opinion for the most part. I do find the sound effect that activates after you've healed yourself to be a bit annoying, but the skill itself is so useful that I'm willing to overlook it.


On the plus side this game gives the player a lot of creative freedom to build a character. On the downside the game doesn't always give the player enough information to make a fully informed decision. And since the game doesn't give the player access to the in-game menu to look at your stats and whatnot at the start of the game. The only way to work out how the opening decisions impact your character and should guide your class choices is through trial and error. And certain skills just seem way more useful than others in my experience. The opening healing skill is so useful for any build in this game that I basically recommend everyone start with it on their first play through. That way they can work out the enemies patterns before they try a more offensive based strategy. Albeit the game's only punishment for failure is having to attempt the battle all over again. So the game really doesn't punish you for losing. I just recommend going that route if you really hate losing.


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