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"Augustine and Winnie have always been together their whole childhood. Ever since elementary school up until now, when they have graduated high school. They were inseparable.

But now that Winnie got accepted to his university, he is soon leaving town. The two decide to spend their last day together before his move.

Not long after they hopped into Winnie's car, they suddenly find themselves trapped in a freezing blizzard.

... It's currently July."

Cold Front is a short 2.5D RPG Maker horror/narrative-driven game with visual novel/adventure elements following the story of two childhood friends, Augustine and Winnie, suddenly being trapped in a freezing blizzard even though it's the summer. The two have to work together to escape the chilling dangers they are suddenly forced into.

═══ -ˋˏ *.·:·.⟐.·:·.* ˎˊ- ═══

✥ Development & Story & Graphics ✥


✥ Features ✥

- 2.5D Graphics (Mix of 3D perspective & 2D pixel sprites)
- 100+ illustrated/fully finished cutscenes/CG work

✥ Estimated Play Time ✥

45 Minutes - 1 hour

✥ Number of Endings ✥


+ Different dialogue choices/interactions that can be found within the run

═══ -ˋˏ *.·:·.⟐.·:·.* ˎˊ- ═══

This was a game made for a Korean RPG Maker game jam/contest where you were challenged to make a full game under a month.

This is the second game I ever developed and in just 25 days at that so the mechanics, puzzles and storytelling might feel a little short/less-dynamic, but I am looking to improve in the future!

All tips and feedbacks are greatly appreciated,

Thank you for visiting and hope you enjoy the game!

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It looks amazing! I love the 2.5 D concept and the summer winter!
AMAZING. I simply loved this game... pity that my crappy PC stuttered during the action sequence but ok lol. So cool, varied gameplay, great aestetic and powerful atmosphere, never a dull moment!

I also feel very Augustine ^^'
A detailed review is already submitted!
It looks really cool! (pun intended)
I can't wait to give it a shot, the artstyle is super appealing!
I simply loved this game. It's great and a little cute for me AHHHHHHHHHHHH

Woah~ This was indeed so wholesome! I loved the simple gameplay, the dialogs, the soundtrack and the art is so pretty and aesthetic.
The ending made me kinda sad but I'm happy for both of them.
It was a beautiful bittersweet ending for me :) You did a great job on this one, looking forward to see your next projects!
Posting this, before I forget:
Cold Front is a definite highlight of 2022.
Don't miss out on it.
Remember to Nominate it for the Misaos.

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6.Don't walk, Run to the Misaos.
Really, reeeeally nice short game! Totally worth playing for the touching story.
Cool atmosphere and cinematic moments, the 3d world with 2d assets certainly has its charm in this one. As a fan of visual novels, I found this to be a great mix of gameplay and story telling.

NOTE Some people said they had lag during a particular gameplay scene but I personally didn't so ehh, but I did have a couple moments where my game froze and I had to exit. Luckily there are frequent save points in the game so it wasn't much of an incovenience. (to remedy this, I think it helps to wait for the dialogue loading before hitting space, might help.)
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