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Open World Cyberpunk Retro RPG
Released: 2/28/2023
Platforms: PC, Android (Coming Soon)

Purchase Neopunk on Steam!

Step into a cyberpunk world of the future. Start a new life as an agender mercenary who moves to the dark and neon lit streets of Kaanalos City. Choose your AI companion, and pick up your gun: you'll need it. Help solve a murder for the KCPD. Take on the seedy underworld. Learn the secret dealings of Baxter Corp, the megacorp that controls the city.. and expose a criminal conspiracy. Or just move drugs and hire prostitutes. Freedom awaits you in Neopunk. Who will you be?

The goal is freedom for the player. You can pick and choose what you will do in this retro-style 2D world. Battles are a big part of the game, and are turn-based. Neopunk features detective elements (like exploring a crime scene for clues), and fighting enemies. Exploring and finding new things is key. And yes.. you can even deliver pizza. Plus explore a part of the city where catgirls live. All while rocking out to a synthwave cyberpunk soundtrack.

The main storyline will take around 2 hours to complete if you rush through it. But the idea is to take your time and explore the world as you go. There are two different endings depending on the player's choice, and a Nightmare Difficulty mode for an extra challenge. Once the storyline is complete, assassination contracts open up. This is a low-cost game with a short yet dark and complicated story, but you could spend way more time exploring the world and uncovering all the secrets. There are quests and many things to do outside the main story.

Explore a cyberpunk city and take on quests.
Choose your AI girlfriend/boyfriend.
Purchase different apartments.
Deliver pizza as a side hustle.
Investigate and solve a mystery.
Battle mutated monsters and bots.
Interact with drug dealers and prostitutes.
Easter eggs and different fun things to find in the world.
Each NPC is custom and features dialogue, no two NPCs are alike (even the non-essential NPCs)!
Features a cyberpunk/synthwave soundtrack with over 15 tracks.
2 different endings depending on player's choice, with different outcome.
Nightmare difficulty mode available for final mission, if players want an extra challenge.
Hue changer to customize the lighting in the game.
In-depth and rich lore, with a lore book.
And many more features!

Latest Blog

Neopunk Mobile Now Available on Google Play

Hello everyone!

I'm happy to announce that Neopunk has been successfully ported to Android, and is now available on the Google Play store. The battle system has been altered/simplified, and a few other changes were made to make this mobile version work on Android. But otherwise it's an exact port of the PC version, just on your phone! The PC version is still the best experience for the full battle system and the higher quality music. But the mobile version is great for taking the game on the go!

You can find it here.

More to come!

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