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Introduction :

It's a project more to test the possibilities of the Maniacs patch, than anything else, so all the content is much more focused on systems than on actual content.
It's more of a showcase project than a real project in the end.
The game includes a custom interface for combat, and a custom menu.
Everything is based on the DB, for an extremely simple use, as well as a relatively simple customization, once the systems are installed and possibly the custom interfaces, there is no need to retouch the events, everything happens in the DB.
As already said, this is a demo aiming rather at testing a "real" project, so many things, like the scenario and the content are done at the minimum to focus mainly on the combat system and the different menus.


In the world of Sihara, magic is everywhere.
It is divided into 4 elements, fire, water, earth and wind, and everyone can use at least one element, but sometimes people can use more than one element.
Our story takes place with Edwin and Ellana, two young people who have the potential to master all four elements.
They have decided to join the army of Arcadia, one of the most powerful countries in the world, to become stronger, and to be able to rebuild their village destroyed by the country of Caelondia
The game starts directly after their exams as soldiers, they then leave for their first mission, which will consist of exploring a cave that contains an ancient magical temple.
The story is quite short, and doesn't really matter, it is rather there to serve as an introduction.

Custom System :

- Autosave
- Custom battle HUD
- License board, like FF12
- Magic on map system and puzzle, like Golden Sun
- Custom Title Screen
- Custom Shop System
- 2 languages ( English / French )

Download link :

Zip :
With RTP :

Bugs known :
- Crash at save / load
- Sometimes, menu close wierdly after load a save
- Quickskill can crash the game
- Some bugs with items in battle, and victory results

Latest Blog

Minor Corrections !

Hi !
I have corrected some minor bugs :
- Escape message wasn't translate in french
- When you were running away / at the end of the tutorial fight, there was no transition
- In combat, the number of items owned was not the right one
- I modified the tuto fight, now you have to press Space to validate each message. I also added a message for the Shift button.
- In the equipment menu, the stats were not always displayed correctly
- The end of fight screen now shows the number of items looted in fight, and not the number of items in the inventory
- I made the First Aid spell a bit more powerful

Also, a Game2.exe is added.
It's an original RPG_RT.exe, so you can launch the game by executing this file, but you will have the original battle HUD behind the new one :/
  • Completed
  • MackValentine
  • RPG Maker 2003
  • Puzzle RPG
  • 08/20/2022 12:51 PM
  • 09/13/2022 05:55 PM
  • 08/20/2022
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Looks interesting.

Thank you :)
Don't hesitate to try !
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