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A nymph, her telepathic direwolf guardian and her schoolfriends visit her home forest. Adventure awaits, but beware of the thirsty lesbians residing in the forest.

A young adult fantasy comedy visual novel with gameplay elements. Dialogue heavy. Gameplay ranges from evade on map enemies to different kinds of minigames. All gameplay elements can be skipped if you just want to advance the story. Episode 1, but it's a pretty much self contained story.

Feedback appreciated! Thanks for playing!


The nymph Elliandra (Ellie for short) was born on the brightest day of the year, during the sun festival, the first time it had happened as far back as anyone could remember. Whispers of great deeds to be expected filled the ancient forest of Fallhana, but instead she turned out to be the most useless nymph in generations (the queen’s words).

Turning 17 she left her home forest to study in the human lands, as is custom. At her side, her loyal (and bitter) guardian, the great telepathic direwolf Arrlak. The human city, with all its culture, clothes, parties and boys turned out to be a heaven for young Ellie, but a hell for Arrlak, who had to fight a never-ending horde of overeager suitors and be driven into endless arguments about home coming times, waste of coin and a lack of focus on schoolwork (and worst of all, there were no bunnies to hunt in the city).

Arriving late at the start of the semester, Ellie was put in the only study group that still had room left for more people, the one with the two most unpopular students of her class. That’s how she met Tessa, the kind girl with a facial disfiguration from a small neighboring country and Sam, the son of a wealthy merchant, an incel and an excessive hoarder of pornographic drawings. At the city Ellie also met her current girlfriend Cassia, a national of the hostile Armstein, who was fleeing repression.

Ignoring Arrlak’s warnings, it didn’t take too long for trouble to find Ellie. Narrowly avoiding expulsion, she and her friends had to take on a strange assignment from one of their professors. On the way to fulfilling this mysterious punishment they decided to visit Ellie’s home forest. Something is brewing in the forest, its guardians restless and turning hostile. Can the four friends uncover the reason for this unrest? And more importantly, can Ellie protect her exotic girlfriend Cassia from the lustful and insatiable inhabitants of the forest (or will she even try)?

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What a title... I may try this out though
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