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A Benny Makes Games and hotgamerdad production


“The thing about media, is that it’s transient. It moves about in the hallways of the mind, gathering thoughts, driving our moods.”

- The great William Shakespeare - the one from New York City who works at the hot dog stand. You know - Bill. Good ol' dependable Bill Shakespeare, serving those weenies with style.


Hi there! This is a silly little entry to riggy2k3's Copyright Infringement Jam conducted in May 2022, created by bennymakesgames (a.k.a. CashmereCat) and hotgamerdad in the space of 2 weeks. We're a couple of roommates who have misplaced their DVDs in the grand expanse of the multiverse, and need to retrieve them. There's a few inside jokes here and there, but mostly it should be just about as nonsensical to you as it was to us when we made it. Thank you for looking at our game and we hope you play it! <3


Benny and hotgamerdad have lost their DVDs in the worlds of Mario, Pokemon, LISA and more! Benny has patented a technology (invented by his ever-loyal roommate hotgamerdad) to travel the multiverse... but for a monthly fee! However, upon closing a pivotal sale to the great Pasta John, they unlock the dreaded DVD case of Pixels to unleash a fresh layer of HECK unto the multiverse... an Evil Lord that had been trapped in there for centuries! Or... maybe, like, a couple months or something. Time moves weirdly in the time-space continuum of two men sharing an apartment.

Will Benny and hotgamerdad find their DVDs? Will they find the evil lord and stop them from destroying the fabric of the Multiverse itself? Will they watch Pixels? Or is it just a crappy movie? And why do they call Time-Space "fabric", anyway? Aye? What's up with that? And who borrowed all of their DVDs? And what does Mario have to do with all of this anyway? And who's afraid of Virginia Woolf? Tell me, ya sniffling goober!


Benny + hotgamerdad and the Bajillion DVDs is not a very long game, but it can clock anywhere from 1-2hrs, but only because it's so bloated in its composition. It has stupid cutscenes and some stupid JRPG gameplay that's probably not balanced at all. It has gags that we think that are funny, yet mileage may vary, because sometimes we just laugh at things in a very pitiful way.


"A shattering performance!"
John Critic, "Critical Publication, the 3rd"

"I pissed myself with glee! And then I showered, and then pissed myself again! I was just, like, pissing myself all over the place. Piss all over the floor, piss on the door, piss out the window, piss on the counter! Piss in the fridge, piss on my feet, piss on my hands, piss on my forehead. I got piss everywhere! Piss in my lunch, piss in my breakfast, piss in my dinner. Piss in the workplace, piss in the ocean, piss in the environment. Piss everywhere! On the sun! On the moon! There was piss everywhere the mind could comprehend! Piss far beyond the comprehension! I would piss everywhere when I played this game, and nothing else existed but piss! PISS LORDS, RISE! PISS ALL, PISS AND CONQUER! YOU WILL BE FOREVER PISS, AND NOTHING ELSE WILL EXIST, BUT PISS!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Some guy with a big piss problem

"I liked this game."
Mark McLoser, from Nobody-Cares-Ton, son of Definitely Wrong-Jones, cousin of Catherine Zeta Jones, mother of George Clooney, Grandfather of George Costanza

"I don't get it."
hotgamerdad's wife

"Dad, can I have chips for dinner?"
hotgamerdad's son


Hey guys! Benny here. Speaking on behalf of the team - myself and the magnificent, ever-hilarious hotgamerdad. This game was created as a loving ode to riggy2k3 (username here is "goji") and DZPG1's community. Many of the inside jokes are probably still as hilarious and nonsensical as they are if you know them. These are based on real figures in our community. The final boss, for example, is based on Justin Amirkhani, the co-creator of Always Sometimes Monsters, and particularly the way that hotgamerdad and I got to know each other. There is so much content we would have liked to make, but this was created in the space of 2 weeks, so we couldn't. There was supposed to be 8 whole worlds that were more fleshed out, but now there's only 3.1 worlds. Benny wanted a whole emotional ending, but this is just a little bit of a silly one, and honestly, it ended up in a place that we're extremely happy with. I (Benny) wouldn't have it any other way. I'm not sure if hotgamerdad would have it any other way. Can't speak for him. Maybe he would - he's his own person, I don't tell him what to do or what to think. (Just kidding, he'd probably say the same.)

But I would like to say, sincerely from the bottom of my heart, thank you for considering our goofy-ass game and please don't be too offended by it because we're just goofballs being eggheads and wanting to give you a good time. We love you. Thank you for playing our game <3


Would you like to join the community that inspired this game?
Watch them stream here! (Links to their Discords, etc, on their Twitch pages)

- riggy2k3: https://twitch.tv/riggy2k3
- dzpg1: https://twitch.tv/dzpg1


"Brungle brungle!"

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The greatest jam game I've ever seen.
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
Waiting for Download...

It's up! Thank you for waiting. The file size exceeded this site's 500MB limit, so we decided to BREAK THE LIMITS by externally linking to Google Drive. We hope you enjoy the trainwreck.

The greatest jam game I've ever seen.

Objectively correct. Thank you. Mmhm. Brungle is pleased with you as of this moment.
Brungle is pleased with you as of this moment.

Brungle saved the day. Woo-ha!
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