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New Game+ script broke hard

  • pianotm
  • 09/16/2022 03:52 AM
Yanfly's New Game+ decided not to work right, which is going to cause a big problem. Issues:

  • Saving: Once you reach New Game+, you can save your game, but no matter what you do, continuing will just start a new game in new game+, making it impossible to continue after triggering New Game+
  • Even though the settings are on, it will not carry over levels, skills, or equips. Although, it IS carrying over items.

Problem 2 isn't the big problem. I can handle not being able to carry over some stuff. What I can't handle is save files not working properly, and it simply will not load the New Game+ save. If you save, shut down, and then turn on and continue, the save file won't load. It will only reset to the beginning of the New Game+

There's probably other things going on but what it's doing is enough to show me that the script just isn't working right. I'm not going to be able to figure it out in a reasonable timeframe, especially since I don't know RGSS3 scripting, and since I'm already sticking with Yanfly's script order, I'm just not sure what else I can do. Therefore, I am removing the New Game+ script. This means I have to find all self-switches and replace them with regular switches. What I am going to do? What I have actually done previously for a new game+ in 2K3. Once you reach the end, I turn off all the switches, except one I will need to remember stuff I may want to carry over to New Game+ (I'll just use the script trigger switch that Red_Nova already set. It's perfect.), set all of the variables to zero, and drop all of the party members.

This will probably cause some glitches in New Game+ because I tend to use self-switches heavily and manually doing New Game+ will mean replacing all of them with standard control switches. Once the game is released, if you encounter any glitches in New Game+, I'll be counting on players to let me know.