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Created for the Vagabond Dog Game Jam in April 2021. The theme for this jam was: Miracles. The game is about 5 minutes long.

"You are the creator of the universe. So many universes can be manifested, but what are the chances you'll create one with any life?"

Please enjoy this atmospheric, lifting experience that was developed during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically for people struggling to recognize their value in this world.

Exist in space, spawn a Universe with life and come to terms with just how lucky you are to be here with us today.

More info on the jam can be found here: http://www.vagabonddog.com/blog/play-miracle-jam

Writing by gimmer_

Additional Credit:

Art: norma2d & https://deep-fold.itch.io/pixel-planet-generator

Music: Ambient Space Music & Dark Sci-Fi Space Music

Scripts: Galv, Fallen Angel Olivia, Yanfly, SRDude, Dreadwing93, biud436, mjshi, Creta Park, Tor & Ben Hendel-Doying.

Thank you very much for playing.

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