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kyletower 1.0.6

Some of these changes were based on the last review the game got.
The game is a bit more difficult now, but the XP and Sil pool is larger to compensate.

-Most enemies are now tougher, including the bosses and minibosses.
-Bosses are less susceptible to crits.
-Some text fixes.
-The fourth floor boss now explodes as its death animation like everyone else.
-Escape rate is now 100%.
-Substitute will now take effect when an ally is under 50% HP instead of 25%.
-The magic damage reduction from the Substitute state is reduced.
-Increased how much XP enemies give and added some new enemies on the map. The additional enemies won't chase you.
-The increased XP pool means it takes less grinding to hit sweet, sweet Lv8. It also makes it possible to become Lv9 by killing everything in case the final boss is giving you trouble.
-Enemies will now drop slightly more Sil (money).
-Changed the battle start animation.