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A more or less epic journey climbing Kyle's tower!

Good day!
"The Tower of Kyle" is a short RPG Maker VX Ace game made by BladeThePieEater, but note that even if this game is listed as completed, it is just a first part of a story, since the adventure ends in middle res, and continues in the sequel "The Cursed Sword of Kyle", that is luckily complete but I'm going to play at a later time. So today we'll only talk about the first part of this duology, the tower!

The tower is the place that is located on the far south of the kingdom of Hyumance, and three adventurers are called by the local Lord to explore the place, and these are our three party members: a knight, a mage and a swordsman.
So our three heroes, Ryze, Arain and Istar, explore the tower encountering monsters but also finding loot and magical weapons, but the real problem is what they will find on the top floor...

Ryze, do you have a brain between those huge ears? It clearly serves as a boss battle, like all those beasts that block our path to the last floor!

The game is a classic (70-90 minutes ) dungeon delving Rtp adventure with a single place to visit: the tower! Clearly we've various floors that can be considered the various levels that our party have to beat to reach the conclusion of the game. This means encountering and fighting both normal monsters and bosses (the first ones just move around the various floors, unlike the bosses that stand still, blocking the way to the next floor). The good thing here is that as I wrote it's "encountering" monsters and not just getting those infinite and old classic random encounters that many players hate, on the contrary enemies here once defeated are gone for good. I liked this!
Characters have clearly different skills but you also can get different abilities using different gear, and it's important that you can actually switch gear while in combat in order to take advantage of the enemes' weaknesses (there is als oa bestiary that includes their abilities too).

Visually the game can be described as pretty bland: I've nothing against the use of Rtps for both graphics assets and music, still mapping (of the tower) is pretty much average and nothing really makes this game stand out. The story is also pretty much average and there are no puzzles or other gimmicks that make this game stand out, on the other hand it's not bad nor there are errord or problems with it.

I do not want to make body-shaming, but warlocks that have these kind of ugly friends are usually evil!

Final Verdict
"The Tower of Kyle" is a a perfect example of fantasy RPG Maker VX rpg that's... ok! Just ok, not bad and not exceptional but pretty much average. I could recommend this only to those players that are really fond of dungeon delving games, since the overall gameplay isn't bad at all. A bit simple, but most things are done right for sure.


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Hey, thanks for the review!

Looking forward to play the next game too!
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