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The Astral Guard needs YOUR help!
After a mission gone awry, the crew drift through space without direction, frustrated and indecisive on what their next plan of action is. It's up to YOU to help the crew discuss each destination and decide what's next for the system's most fearsome fighters! Learn more about the world of Clostros with the crew as they reveal secrets, learn more about one another, and try and dissuade Astra from consuming various non-food items at her leisure.


Astral Guard - Table Talk is an interactive teaser for Astral Guard, an indie JRPG title currently in development! This was made as a fun way for us to get to know the characters better and provide an interactive way for fans to learn more about the world of Astral Guard before they get the chance to officially dive in. We're incredibly proud of the work done here, and we hope you enjoy it as well! I don't have a page for Astral Guard up on RMN yet since it's a larger project, but I hope folks can enjoy a small little peak into this world we've put so much work into. :D

If you'd like to know more about Astral Guard, here are some links!

Play time is around 1 1/2+ hours if you're reading at a regular pace. There are 14 discussions to be had, plus some events that will trigger as the game goes on, so make sure to scour the map for details!

Controls are Z/Enter to select, Arrow Keys to move.


If the game isn't loading, download the default RPGMaker 2003 RTP! That should fix it. The game should run fine on its own without it, but just in case you run into any issues, I'd suggest downloading it.

If you run into any bugs, message me on Discord or tweet @AstralGuardGame! We want to make this as bug-free as possible, so keep us in the loop. Let us know if you're streaming the game! We'd love to support and boost you if you are. :)

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