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Follow the story of Zouve (name changeable), a chef who lost his memory, into the portal to the other world. Together with his twin sister and friends, they are on the quest to search for the Golden Pan, the only pan every chef wants.

The Golden Pan is game about an amnesia chef and his adventure to search for a Golden Pan. The battle in this game is a Chef Battle where the player needs to cook a dish with the appropriate ingredients and attributes. The ingredient can be obtained as battle’s drop, and the dish attribute would change depending on the type of ingredients used.

Estimated play time: 1 to 2 hours.

This game was made for Swap in 3 Middle With You.
The first half was made by JustAShyDoggo.
The second half was made by CrazyBabi.

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Future Ruler of Gam Mak
Oho, what's this? I'm looking forward to playing this and see what you turned Pudding/ShyDoge's initial idea into! :3

But it being you, I'm certain it's gonna be great xD
The cooking game that is actually a four-party member JRPG that is actually a time-management sim where the true horror is losing 5 seconds to battle animations.

10/10 Coellie is hot but Shy Warden is best girl.
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