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A foray into the thoughts of a man who's mind has turned to shit.
This is a game I made back during the start of lockdown in 2020. It started as a silly little way to pass time and over like 4 months it turned into an honest to god project I'd sunk about 300 hours into. It's something of a relic as it's literally the first ever project I made although you'll soon find that glaringly apparent.
very cool whats it about
I'm glad you asked, disembodied voice I've heard since I was 10! SatiRPG is a silly little comedy/satire//irony/otherfunnyword RPG that focuses on our hero, Skellington! With our aforementioned protagonist waking up no memories, because backstories are hard, he is soon thrust into a world he must save with absolutely no clue how to do it. Join him as he traverses a world of the weird, the wonderful and the downright cursed.
epic and nice how does it play
Another excellent question! SatiRPG is a classic turn based RPG at its heart! I put a lot of effort into making the gameplay fair and balanced unless it's a parituclar situation where making the game unbalanced is funny for the player. Every playable character has their own niche in combat resulting in a party dynamic that usually results in every member having their own role to play in a way that makes them all synergise together. Other weird quirks include random encounters giving zero exp and instead giving money (and occasionally onions). Exp is gained via exploring, interacting with the world and doing favours for its denizens. Anything from buying a lootbox to killing Santa Claus is a surefire way to level up your party.
okay is it hard or enjoyable
Well as far as "Quirky Indie RPGs" go this one is quite the masterwork. Typical gameplay from start to finish is anywhere from 3 to 5 hours. This typically skews in either direction depending on your skills in quirky indie RPGs, how quickly you read dialogue and whether you save frequently or not. There are multiple items available in game through dialogue and exploration to allow you to make the game a little easier if you are struggling.
Content Warning
This game does not contain any hate speech or untoward portrayals (unless its toward skeletons) but it does contain strong language, some a fair bit of crude humour and a lot of copyright music. So if you do choose to stream it/show your granny do just bare that in mind if you are so inclined to actually care about that sort of thing.
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Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
This game is friggin’ siiiiiiick. And i should finish it. Welp. :) But the game itself is great
This game is friggin’ siiiiiiick. And i should finish it. Welp. :) But the game itself is great

Of all of the people to drop the first comment I couldn't be happier that it's my lifelong brungling partner <3
This game is simply a masterpiece.

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