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Sorel was young when she was diagnosed with a fatal disease. She took it well at the time, but the closer she came to the day she was to die, the more she realised she wanted to live.

Enter the Threads of Fate and Destiny - god-like beings that Weave people's Threads into and out of life's tapestry. It is said that to meet one is to change your Fate.

With the help of Mochi, her pet cat, Sorel has found a place where one of the Threads sleeps. With her plucky attitude and the help of the denizens of this place, she must find her way to the Weaver and awaken her new Fate.


Destined to die at a young age, Sorel is determined to change her fate and earn the right to live.

A ghostly cat that can stretch very long, Mochi has been by Sorel's side since she was a child.

One of the Threads of Fate and Destiny, it sleeps until a worthy soul seeks to change the Weave.

- Custom graphics by El_Waka and Liberty
- Interactive map systems
- A stretchy ghost kitty
- Weird and wonderful characters
- No battles, just puzzles

Created by El_Waka (1st half) and Liberty (2nd half) for the Swap in 3 Middle event of 2022.

Latest Blog

Well then...

Okay, so no, I didn't manage to finish the game before the end of the Swap3 event. Sadge.

That said, I fully intend to do so during the October event that starts in like... 5? 6? days from now, so there's that.

Have fun with what's there guys. Sorry it's so crap. orz


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Title name is too short. How am I sopposod to knew when is this abut?
The TM is for Totally Magical.
If Libby's doing it, it'll be good!
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