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This is a game created for "Swap in 3 Middle with Who?".

The first half was created by Soulrain.

The second half was created by CashmereCat.

Each half took 2 weeks to create.


This is the World of Light. A location peaceful for millennia, until one day, Sar, the King of Light, fell sick. When dying, he transferred his special powers down to 4 particular inhabitants of the World of Light. He died soon after. However, the World of Light, without a King to uphold said light, fell into darkness. Skies turned cloudy, with the sun disappearing behind them. The Eternal Flame, once a bastion of hope and trust, died out.

We know that when the powers of the Chosen Four are brought together, they can reignite the Eternal Flame. But can they?

Use your Torchsword, a fiery blade gifted to you by the King himself, to light your way through this chaotic mess of darkness, and forge a future for the scared inhabitants.

But can you defeat the King of Darkness... Vyr himself?

Play as Tyrone, an upstarting young protagonist with the Torchsword, ready to slay enemies and relight the Eternal Flame. Explore many regions, battle using a turn-based battle system, and find the Chosen Four. Your fuel is your MP, however, so make sure you heal up enough to last you throughout this eternal night. And who knows... you could vanquish Vyr, King of Darkness once and for all...

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