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A group of local kids decide to go for a trip to the old shrine near the town. While there, they lose all communication with the town, and decide to abort the plan as they panic from the idea of being stranded in the woods.

As they decide to go back home, soon find out that the entire town and its outskirts look practically unhabited, and it's not just their means to communication what got lost.

What can be happening at Kudzutown?

Lusia, leader of this history club. Who makes a history club? Boring.
Kaz, the spaz that follows you because he's braindead of the head.
Birch, short by one letter for a more descriptive name.
Alex, zany girl that will try to convince you that lifetime and civilization is over. She hails the cats.
----Mr. Miaou, the best character in the game.

A game started by psy_womens and finished by orochii for the Swapsies Event #3.
Most graphics by WhiteScrew
MIDI arrangements by contributors at vgmusic.com
Plus some very shoddy conversions/arrangements by orochii from SPC to MIDI

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Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
LOL great title here XD (i just nominated you for the Best Game Title misao lol)
My mind is full of fuck.
Have you been far even as decided to go want and do more long titles for games and look like a pretty good game?
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Why do they call it rpgmaker when you of in the cold game of out hot make the game
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