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Final version is now out?

  • orochii
  • 10/09/2022 02:59 AM

So uh making blogs is free so uh yeah! This is probably gonna be the only blog post I make for this game, but it's all what's necessary, unless something dumb happens and I have to come back to fix my mistakes.

First thanks to Addict for his review. I think I got the more glaring issues there fixed like Birch's hair color and the ghost meal.

Thanks to Pudding for his multiple bug reports and stuff he tried. I'm sad to have sort of removed the run option (it's still there but it's now managed on its own way). I just needed to reconciliate that with the plot. Also medkits now have a carry limit but they're still unlimited.

Thanks to Coel for his playthrough on Discord. I'm not sure if I actually addressed any of the issues I saw you having, but I uh hopefully the little I did made it less painful, like reducing life/defense to the last boss. The difficulty is still there, but at least should be a bit less painful to shave its health.

There's also a couple surprises I threw in there, which have no use really, but uh yeah! I don't want to talk much about them. Just interact to any computers you find. Some have stuff in them.

And yeah! Thanks so much to everyone, this was a very fun event. Hope to see you all in a next game or something. Play Drekirökr! It's free on Steam! (?).

See ya!


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WAITTTT! Did you say "Fixed like Birch's hair color and the ghost meal"?
Now I can finally live in peace! :D
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