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Sacred Reviews: I Got Reborn as the Demon Queen but I still can't make any Goddamn Friends


"I Got Reborn as the Demon Queen but I still can't make any Goddamn Friends" is another entry for the Swap in the Middle with You 3 event. This particular entry was put together by psy_wombats and Seiromem. An entry whose most notable attribute is it's overly lengthy name.

Though I suppose on the bright side I at least know how to pronounce every word in the title. Which is more than I can say for Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg in Massachusetts. A name that is definitely not for those whose tongues get easily tied. Though I suppose we are getting off topic and should get down to brass tacks.


You play as Marissa a girl whose recently transferred to a new school and is struggling to make friends. Though considering the personalities of some of her classmates. I'm not sure I'd want to be friends with them in the first place.

I know the Squall wannabe doesn't seem that bad, but you just know he's thinking about saying something truly awful. At any rate since everyone else waiting for the late bus is being a jerk you decide to follow some cryptic advice on the blackboard. This eventually leads to you getting pushed off the roof and reborn as the demon queen. Though why anyone would want a queen whose decision making is so lacking is beyond me.

At any rate upon waking up in Hell Palace we agree to find heroes to protect the demon realm from attack by the heroes of humanity. A task that is made a tad annoying since we need to convince people to join up with us by helping them through various quests such as buying a hamster plushie, acquiring pixie dust, or giving them a charm to turn their luck around.

After bringing them back they are turned into monsters and then slaughtered by the nearby military garrison since the demons are causing a massive increase in drunks wandering around in public.

A crime the local military won't allow to stand. So we must be put to death. Thankfully them killing our crow "friend" sends us back to our original dimension. We also get to keep a fragment of his power as well as our familiar. So if we can't make friends in this dimension we can always try others.

And if that doesn't work we can always enslave a few fools using the power of our amulet.

Is it Funny?

One of the biggest challenges with rating this project is that it's meant to be funny. The problem is what people find funny is somewhat relative. So while I don't find this game particularly amusing. I'm guessing others might.

Though I'll admit my sense of humor is pretty warped with me getting a good chuckle out of the titular hero of the film "Antboy" destroying a school urinal on accident with his acid pee. And I watch films like "Werewolves of the Third Reich" hoping they'll be entertaining schlock. Unfortunately "Werewolves of the Third Reich" was a pretty dull film. So while it did suck in terms of acting and visual effects; it didn't suck in a way that was enjoyable.


You simply walk around and interact with various people and objects. That's really all there is to this game in terms of player interaction. While interacting with people will lead to a few quests. These quests are always simple fetch quests. So your still just going to be talking with various people in order to find the stuff you need.


Graphically the game is solid and includes some non-rtp assets. So the game definitely does feel like every other RPG Maker 2000 game out there. Though I've been told it shares a lot in common with another project by psy_wombats.


Sound wise the game relies on the RTP as far as I can tell. About the only thing truly noticeable about this aspect of the game is that certain areas are entirely devoid of music. Though this is apparently a mistake since every area of the game was meant to feature a classic RTP track.

Not sure what's up with BGM -- there should be (rtp) audio in all areas but the panorama shots.


On one hand the game does function as intended for the most part, but I really don't find this game that amusing. Though as previously mentioned my sense of humor is probably on the far side of the bell curve. So I'm probably not the best person to judge if a hamster plushie costing as much as 874 diamonds is funny or not. So I can only suggest seeking this one out at your own risk.


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Thanks for playing, and thanks for the writeup of your thoughts, even if it wasn't your cup of tea.
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