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"Is it really a home if it feels like a prison? Many people take those who love them for granted, you never realize how much you needed them until they are taken away from you or how better things could be with them. But what if you never had them in the first place? What if those who were meant to be your guardians became your worst enemies?" -Rose

Channel: home is a turn based psychological horror RPG about purgatory and afterlife.


Your name is Rose. Life has not been kind to you in any way. Your family and relatives resented you for who you are. One day your parents have had enough and decided to take you somewhere, where you never wanted to end up at all. But due to your parents carelessness you've died in a car crash. You've expected nothingness but you did not expect you'll end up in your room back home.


The game is a top down exploration based RPG with many strange encounters that are based on what you've seen in life. The game takes place in a thousands of floors tall building that is a representation of your memories.


The game is a turn based RPG with a quick time event battle system (QTE). Timing your attacks will grant powerful effects that will be very beneficial in battles. The abilities of each character plays a huge role as they are very powerful in nature. But all abilities come with a compromise of some sort. So you would need to be careful what abilities to use at the right time.


There will be 3 major routes and endings with 1 secret route + ending as well. Which one you will end up with is based one what actions you've done in the game.

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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Wow, this looks amazing! Definitely checking it out once it has a release. Incredible sense of style.
I really love the art. It looks amazing!
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