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Fearing her father's inevitable breakdown after the stresses of his job in the last few years, Emi has taken it upon herself to arrange a holiday away. Enter the small seaside village of Hearthfoam, with a friendly population and days filled with warmth. There she hopes to reconnect with her father and heal his broken heart.

However, apon checking into the local hotel, mysterious forces hold her hostage, compelling her to search for a way to escape. Meanwhile, a figure from her past makes her question everything she thought she knew about her family and herself.

Will Emi find the cause of these events? Will she be able to reconcile herself with the darkness of her own past? And will she be able to escape the Hotel Felura?

What is this?

This is the third episode of the Map Madness series, remade and rebranded. It is a collaborative effort where people join up and make a map using the graphics specified. The maps are then made into a game that can be enjoyed by all who play.

The focus of this collaboration is Horror and Mystery.

The setting this time is the mysterious Hotel Felura.

To sign up, check the SIGN UP HERE page!

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