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The Hotel Felura rests in the small coast town of Hearthfoam, where fishing industry is the main commerce.

The Hotel boasts a friendly, relaxed atmosphere with a varied and checkered history. Stories are swapped in the evenings of souls lost at sea, murder and mayhem, piracy and ill-deeds hidden from those outside the town's cozy exterior.

Ghost and goul stories are the night's pleasure and a tour is held every All-Hallow's Eve to delight tourists, starting at the cape lighthouse and leading back to the warmth of the inn.

But there lies more to this inn than meets the eye, as our entrepid child exorcist will soon realise...

During the summer months the Hotel has a light shift of workers, as most tourists come to Hearthfoam during the winter months instead.

Head Chef Avery - an austere man of few words who works the kitchens night and day, his greying hair and faint crooked smile hide more secrets than even he may know.

Head Maid Catarine - Cheerful, warm and kind, this buxom lady works days at the Hotel, retreating to her family home come the night.

Angela - A maid who works the night shift at the Hotel, she's catty and secretive, often sneaking around in odd places. One wonders what she's doing when she can't be found.

Lester - The night janitor, Lester is perpetually tired of the world and the people in it. When asked why he works in the customer service industry he replies with a sigh and a mumble about not having a choice.

Cain - Abe's brother, this hulking piece of man-meat is in charge of the Hotel's security and often wanders the halls during the nights. He says it's because his back aches if he sits still for too long.

Abe - Cain's sister, Abella (Abe, as she prefers) is the heart and soul of the Hotel, often found at the service desk inviting people in and wishing them well on their nights. She mans the desk at night and makes sure that all guests have what they need when they need it. A friendly voice who is but a phone call away.

Lisa - A maid at the hotel. Usually she works day shifts but after a recent divorce she decided she wanted a change of pace. She's quiet and studious, often noting things about guests that others don't.

Mark - The bell boy and concierge in one, he's bright, peppy and has a voice that echoes when it's raised. He is dating one of the day-duty maids and can be found writing bad rhyming poetry to her in the oddest of places.

Zip - An enigmatic person who is a chef. They work the night shift, happy to cook up anything a guest needs. Their hobby is experimenting with strange ingredients.