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Hey guys, put your name in the comments here to sign up!

CONTRIBUTORS (Current Sign-ups)

Contributors will each have a hotel room to create. You will all have the same prompt for this:

You can make a small story or a short cutscene. You can make jumpscares or just something creepy happen. As long as your map fits the above criteria, it'll be fine.

You will receive a PM when you sign up with the details of the event and the key number of your room.

If anyone is unsure of whether something will be allowed or has any questions, either PM me (Liberty) or ask in the comments below.

How do I join?

Sign up in the comments below, make your room and send it to me (Liberty) before the 21st of November. I will then 'sew' it all together into a coherent game.

When you sign up you will receive a short PM with the details shared below and your key number.

You will receive a note of which 20 switches and variables you may use - something in the line of:
Switches: 31 - 50
Variables: 21 - 40

If you would like more of either, note so down when you sign up and I'll give you double.

Remember that this series is made using the base RPG Maker 2003 engine.

Key numbers reflect the floor that your room is on: 301 would be the first room on the third floor (the ground floor will be 0 and have no rooms).

KEEP YOUR ROOMS SECRET PLEASE. That way we can have a fun little guessing game later on!


- You must use <<REFMAP>> graphics to create your map. (You are encouraged to edit them if you want, though it is fully optional to do so.)
These topics also exist for you to make use of:

- Each map must be no larger than 50x50. This makes it easier to finish them in a timely manner.
- You will be told in your PM which direction the exit to your map should be.
- Extensions only if asked for before the end date, and then, only of a day or two.
- Do not use anything in the Database - this means no default battles, no monsters, no items, no skills or animations of any kind.
- Please no movie files. Parallaxes and overlays are fine, but keep in mind the grid if you do decide to parallax. We had some issues with movie files in the first game that still causes problems with some players to this day.
- Try to keep the general idea prompt in mind when making your map!


When submitting please do the following:
- Make sure all sounds, character sets, pictures, parallaxes and chipsets used are in the folder. These include RTP sounds that you might have used.
- Zip up the whole game folder and send me a link to it. Lockers are ideal for this.
- If you created a mystery or puzzle, please add a small text document giving instructions for solving. This will help a lot when creating the actual walkthrough later on.

Questions and Queries

Can we use facesets?
No. If you need to differentiate people, coloured names would be preferred. If there's a specific reason to have a faceset, just ask me and I'll let you know, though. ^.^

What's with the names of these events?
They're from something my cousin wrote just before he killed himself. So, the series is a sort of homage to him in that respect. I do hope no-one minds.
The here and now of yesterday
Where end Time's saddest songs
Apon the brow of tomorrow, clear
We, thoughtless, dream along
And through the truth of never-been
Sit, watch as time flies by
For left, unspoken words I hear
And empty lyrics lie

I have a question about the hotel
There's a new page for you to peruse called Hotel Felura. You'll find a lot of information there about the town.

Only REFMAP graphics allowed?
Yup! You can find a link to a download of them under the rule section and Frogge has kindly provided links to other stuff that is part of/fits the style, here:

He also posted two exclusive sets on the #eventofthemoment room in the discord (pinned for easy finding).

More Information about the setting/era
If you need to reference an exact year, July 2006 would be about right. The game is set in America, so it's currently Summer.

Era-wise, Hearthfoam seems to be stuck in a mix of early-to-mid-90s, with no real internet connectivity, very little in the way of technological advancements and the populace adheres to that 'safe to leave your doors open' feeling of those living in more rural areas.

The Mayor's office has tried to pull the town into the modern era, but the townsfolk are resistant to such a thing, claiming that part of the charm of the village is how settled and secluded it is from everyday living.

A small school exists that boasts the most technology the town posseses - 3 internet-capable computers and an ipad for students to make use of. The school is also host of the village library, which sits on the same property and is open to all during the school day.

So while the era is mid-2000s, the town is out of touch with technology, most people still using land lines instead of Mobile phones, which tend to have a very spotty connection in colder months due to the extreme weather, especially at night.

Personal internet connections is mid-90s speeds (think about 256kb/s) bar the school which has about 1mb/s connection (not great, but not quite as bad).

There are computers, but they're old ones.


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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Lets fucking goooooooooo sign me up
Yo, count me in! This is gonna be fun.
Be careful ! I'm French
Time to finally try creating something with 2k3.
Future Ruler of Gam Mak
Count me in!
Sign me up. Yep this is crazy.
I'll probably make something awful but better than nothing I guess...
The I in Vaccaria stands for "I alone am the honored one".
I don't know how to use 2K3, so I'm using this as a test. UWAAAAAAAAA
Yo, I'd be interested in doing this!
I've added some era-specific information in case you needed it.
Might as well sign up; development for Endless Mine is going so swimmingly that I'll end up finishing before the month is out. Why not do something else with the time I have?

I have an interesting idea for a puzzle too. It'll have to use an edited tileset though.

Edit: I *could* use a character set instead in case editing the tileset is not an option.
You can edit tilesets as long as you include them in your zip/rar when you send your entry in. In fact, it's encouraged, as long as you try to stay with the style of the graphics. >.<)b
Gamedev by sunlight, magical girl by moonlight
I would sign up, but since I have literally zero experience with RM2K3 and my computer just broke I sadly can't. Would definitely do it however if it was in VXA MV or MZ though. This is a really cool premise and I hope the game goes well, but I'll have to sit this one out. Good luck everyone!
Hey gang! Unfortunately I overshot my scope for the my month and won't be able to finish my section. Thanks for the opportunity to participate and sorry I couldn't! Looking forward to playing this though. :)
Anyways. Since it's extended to later this November, count me in!

Edit: a question, are any edits (that anybody made) of Refmap assets (RM 2003 edition) allowed?
Nvm, one of your links clarified that question. :P (A yes, which makes perfect sense)
Update: due to me being very busy I've decided to extend the event end date til about mid-November. Anyone wanting to join is free to do so, anyone wanting to update their current room may also do so (or take on the challenge of another room?)

I'll update the page to reflect these details!
I've got a question (which might help others too hence asking it publically):

What the MC's character like? Is there any kind of guideline for how we ought to make her behave/react? (Or should we try to keep our influence to a minimum)?
Emi is a young teen girl who has dealt with the spirit world for all her life, so she's not easily spooked, but also understands when something is actually dangerous. She's sympathetic to spirits and their circumstances but holds the living as just as - if not more - important (will prioritize life over unlife when push comes to shove).

Emi is strong in the sight - so much so that she can enter into the Other Side that exists alongside our world and interact with the beings that live within. She cannot be harmed by those in the spirit world so she's never been too worried about interacting with the dead.

Emi loves her father who is an exorcist. He's tried to protect her from the spirit world in the past but realises at this point he can't do much to limit her exposure to the dead. She appreciates that he tried as a child, but as she's grown older and dealt with things that no child should have had to, she's come to resent his overprotective actions at times.

The spirit world is a mirror that exists along side the normal world, which can be seen on occasion by those in touch with the dead or sensitive to death and psychic energies. Assume, in this game, that while most who call themselves psychics are fake, there are those who do have the power to touch the Other Side and see things others don.t.

The TM is for Totally Magical.
Okay, fine! I've run out of stuff to do, so I'll see what I can do here before the 21st.

Put me in, coach!
Here's a question that probably has an obvious answer...

I assume we should include any credits for resources used (such as those edited by frogge) in the .txt file we include with the project.
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