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While you sleep you start feeling the presence of an evil aura approaching you, you can feel the weight over your body, you try to move, but you can't, you try to scream, but it's in vain... you don't know if you are awake or asleep. The next day it happens again...

Help Jimmy the protagonist of this story in his abnormal dreams and discover why they happen and how he can get rid of it.

It is a dark interactive visual novel game of no more than 30 minutes where the narrative text of the story is accompanied by the interactions of the characters.

Short game
Three bad endings and one true ending
Uniquely styled combat scenes
Original story

Game created for the Spooktober 4th Annual Visual Novel Jam


- BilouMaster Joke (biloumaster.itch.io)
- Ocean Nostalgia (oceansdream.itch.io)


- Joel Steudler (joelsteudler.itch.io)
- Patrick de Arteaga (patrickdearteaga.com)


- game_guy, Zeus81, Rekx/TheRexion,
- Wortana, OriginalWij, Shuuchan, wltr3565

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