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Dearest is a nostalgic journey through familiar spaces, in order to recover fragments of another time.

You play as Rea, a girl taking a journey through the neighbouring town of Nor, in order to visit an old friend. However, your precious letters you were carrying with you have been stolen and scattered about by a mysterious entity. You must now explore both the town and strange, abstract rifts of memory in order to recover your possessions, in time for the end of the day. But the more you explore and the more friends you meet, the clearer a bitter truth will become. Maybe, you’ve been keeping something from yourself the entire time…

Mostly focused on talking to characters and exploring environments, with some puzzles on the way. There are no battles in the game, but damage can be taken in the overworld, which will need to be navigated carefully.

Dearest is made of completely hand drawn art and maps, using parallaxing, in a digital painting style, and has a unique menu and ui style. It features many interesting characters and divergent story routes, allowing you to explore many possibilities.

A demo to be out in hopefully some months time, with about 20 minutes worth of gameplay. currently, music and most sfx are placeholder, and will be changed in time for demo release. Only a small portion has been completed so far, but progress will speed up as I go on!

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I love the graphics and artstyle! Can't wait to try the demo!
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