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[To Aerthen is COMPLETE and now available to purchase on both Steam and ITCH!]

A star came from the endless void and crashed onto Aerthen.

A second followed.

Valorkis, lord of the northernmost kingdom of Telruse, discovered the first fallen star. Upon it, Telruse was forged into the mighty empire of Ilvorya.

The second star landed in an unnamed forest surrounding an unremarkable village. It was discovered by a simple housewife. From this heavenly rock she drew the power to at last bare a child, whom she named Zephyr...

Ilvorya has dominated Aerthen. Lord Valorkis propagates the miraculous power of his almighty god, XORMOTH, through the sublime might of his RaLune Knights. Little can stand against the Ilvoryan Empire. Except...

Zephyr, child of the stars, has awakened to his true purpose: destroy XORMOTH and liberate Aerthen of his tyranny. Aided by his lifelong friend, the two must embark across the world to reach and dismantle Ilvorya from within.

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TODAY IS THE DAY! To Aerthen is OUT! Available on Steam and ITCH.

You read that right, folks!

To Aerthen is now available for purchase on both
Steam and ITCH!

⬇️STEAM Link:

⬇️ITCH Link:


That's Complete Game #2 added to my list of available commercial games. Let's just hope I can keep on growing that list in the years to come! Hope everyone looks forward to whatever my next project ends up being! :)

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  • 10/04/2022 11:43 AM
  • 08/06/2023 11:18 PM
  • 07/31/2023
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This looks extremely slick. You truly are the primo NES RM dev, aren't you?
Thanks a lot! I appreciate the comment.

Perhaps that last part's a tossup between myself and Kentona? =P
Thanks a lot! I appreciate the comment.

Perhaps that last part's a tossup between myself and Kentona? =P

Doubt it's me. I would have to actually be developing something to qualify, for one.
Hey, you're still making an attempt!

I can almost guarantee if I had a family with kids this game would still be an idea on a word document somewhere on my computer XD

I'm so glad I enjoy working on these projects as much as I do. Aside from PLAYING games, it's the ultimate pastime for me. It's such a great creative outlet and something I can poke at whenever I have a spare hour or two here and there. Praise be to RPG Maker! =B
you will have to teach me how you publish games on Steam (and also how to get fonts to look good in the newer makers)
This is SUPER LATE, but publishing them isn't half as bad as you'd think it'd be. It's mostly just about having everything ready. Like a trailer, screenshots, banners/advertising images, etc.

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