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Roland of Gilead begins his torturous journey across the Great Desert of Midworld, following the Man in Black, who may have the key he needs to finding the Dark Tower - the center of all universes.

Roland will stop at nothing to reach the tower and climb to the top, reciting the names of those he has lost - nothing.

Equipped with only his Sandalwood Guns and a Grow Bag that occasionally produces gold or tobacco, the desert yawns before him. He may find friends along the way... surely he will find enemies... perhaps death? Life? If Ka wills it...

Midworld is a roguelike/jrpg hybrid, based on The Dark Tower and other works of fiction by Stephen King. There are hundreds of references to his movies, novels and short stories, including some of his works penned under the name Richard Bachman, and even some personal references. It is a passion project - I always wanted to make a Dark Tower game since it blew my mind from the very first book. The Dark Tower series is an epic homage to writing itself, so I have created this game as an homage to the epic writer himself.



~ Boosted volume on music tracks.
~ Hopefully fixed "crash on 'Sprite_Picture' line 54: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method 'width' for nil:NilClass".
~ Fixed Red Balloon event not returning to original position on respawn, and top part turning into telephone pole top when popped.
~ Added splash screen Logo.
~ Mutie creatures, Plaster Man, and Undead now have more gruesome battlers.
~ Fixed Patrick unable to be discovered bug, and added a little detail to his discovery.
~ New Crimson Possessions have a random chance to happen during battle with normal and mutie creatures.
~ Fixed bug with Grow Bag addition after leaving every building.
~ Ghost status added.
~ Other slight graphics changes.
~ Changed enemy action priorities all to 5, and removed turn conditions, giving them all an equal chance to happen.
~ Changed Eddie's proper name to Edgar.
~ Limited formation access while on a train/bus, solving issues with new party leader sprite overwriting train/bus sprite.
~ Fixed audio bug where battle music does not change back to normal after surviving the Battle of Tull.
~ Fixed character sprite issues during Gunslinger Promotion and Horseshoes, to always show Roland as the Teacher or Pitcher, respectively.
~ While the party is sleeping, Ghost party members now just stand around and wait.
~ Byrus will now appear in Outhouses, instead of Wells.
~ Fixed good beehives curing all statuses. Now they only cure poison, cure disease, and restore party health to maximum.
~ Doors now disappear after the third one is entered.
~ Removed fires from Trash Can Man and Happy Toyz Truck after defeat. May add custom defeat sprites later.
~ Ending added.

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