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Ladies and Gents!

I proudly present to you the translated version of UNTERWEGS IN DÜSTERBURG - one of the very best RM2K games of the German-speaking community:


Unterwegs in Düsterburg (which roughly translates to "On The Road In Darkburgh") was first published in 2002 by the German developer Ingmar "Grandy" Hahnemann. The role-playing game dates from the early days of the German Maker scene and is now considered one of its classics. It tells the story of the ever-so-slightly clichéd hero Grandy, who wakes up in a forest, having lost his memories. The only things he remembers are his name, his dog and that he somehow emerged from an eerie fog. Join him in his search for the enigmatic Libra, help him regain his memories and free the lands from a cruel tyrant!

Please note the Read-Me file in the main folder which includes bonus material and an FAQ.

Have fun!


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  • 10/14/2022 04:33 PM
  • 03/07/2023 06:04 PM
  • 10/14/2022
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WHAT? This legendary game was translated?
oh cool!
I'm very happy that this game is finally available to the English speaking community. It was and still is very popular in the German-speaking community. Yes it's an old game, but it hasn't lost any of its charm. Due to the possibility for different decisions and thus different solutions, it's also suitable for multiple playthroughs.

All I can say is: try and enjoy. I do it.
One of the best RPG Maker games out there. The atmosphere is fantastic even with those ultra retro RM2K graphics.
Great to see UiD up here after all these years!
Great job with this translation! Had a really fun time playing the beginning of this on my Twitch channel today. Thanks for your hard work. :)
Thanks everyone for your kind words. I've just uploaded version 1.3, (hopefully) correcting all the remaining German snippets. Have fun everyone!
I don't knowif it an error but everytime i open the game it automatically exit and the delete the app file itself
I think the title is On The Way to the Gloomy Castle
May need slight changes but HMMMM...looks interesting
I don't knowif it an error but everytime i open the game it automatically exit and the delete the app file itself

Hi Misake

This sounds to me like an Antivirus Software deleting the file. I've had similar problems with Avast deleting .exe files of some of my older games. You could try to pause or disable your Antivirus Software before you start the game and see if that fixes it.
When I try to start a new game I get a "cannot open file wei", and the game crashes.
When I try to start a new game I get a "cannot open file wei", and the game crashes.

Hi Sweetd1

I'm now just spitballing here, though I think I can at least make an educated guess. There's only 3 files in the game that start with "wei": weird.png (twice, in different folders) and weiß.png. I'd assume that the error message you get cuts off at an unidentifiable character, that being the "ß", which is a special German character ("Eszett", equivalent to a double-s). I therefore assume that your system isn't handling German special characters properly. I honestly don't know where to go from here, but you could try to adjust the settings in "Clock, Language and Region" (Windows Control Panel) in the "Administrative" tab to the German Region. Hope that helps.
...oh uh, if you guys are looking for the traditional rpg of 2022. you guys should check out Unterwegs in Düsterburg or Road to Dusterburg as I like it call it. I've been following it since 2016, it's one of the highlights of the German rpgmaker community and it's finally been translated into English. Rpgmakeraddict wrote a really great review for it, ♥ and like what's already been mentioned previously here in the comments, it seems to do some really interesting things, with the narrative through, it's multiple-quests branching-storyline:

Depending on which quests you take, you get a different story.

It was also nominated this year for:

Not Dead Yet Award Nomination.
Given to the best old game that was finally finished this year.

"Everlasting Journey" Award Nomination
The game that has the most content to offer.

Best Non-English Game Nomination
Given to the best translated or non-English game released this year.

...As well as Game of the Year for 2022! (holy shit!)

it's really, really, really difficult to get stuff nominated for the misaos on RMN, so I really wanted to highlight Dusterburg this year, in case anyone missed it. So please definitely check it out, when you get the chance.

Like, it's one thing to have a traditional jrpg.
it's another, to have one come from the German rpgmaker community and be translated into English.

Congrats to the creators of Unterwegs in Düsterburg for getting nominated this year and thank you sharing this game with our community ♥.
Great work.
Future Ruler of Gam Mak
I need to play this in German and then replay it in English
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