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Felix hates his birthday. In fact, the opposite also seems to be true: every year, on this date, the boy is haunted by bad luck.
After a lifetime of trying to convince himself that he is not cursed, on his 18th birthday, he and his best friend Noelia
remain locked inside the school. The situation soon turns out to be more ... problematic than expected.
At this point, some doubts about his bad luck seem legitimate. Felix thinks he's cursed. Is this the truth?
Or maybe this "unfortunate" situation will also turn out to be a good opportunity? On the other hand, fortune favours the bold.

This is a story based on Italian and Latin myths, folklore and fairy-tale figures.
Accompany Felix and Noelia on their little nocturnal adventure in a very safe and certainly not close to collapse
Italian high school. Let them get lost, seek their answers and get out (maybe).

The Ash Black Cat and the Happy Ogre - Fortuna Favet Fortibus - is a game in development on RPG Maker VX Ace.
In this game, you'll move Felix and Noelia as they search for a way out - or maybe something else.
Plot and characters are the main focus, so you can expect a lot of cutscenes.
The game is light horror with darker scenes from time to time. Also, dark humor (, because I need
to exorcise nightmares about high school). And a little bit of romance. You know, childhood friends...
The gameplay focus on exploration, choices and puzzles from time to time; there will be
different kinds of small challenges. There are some hidden game overs and the game is multi-ending,
so saving often is recommended.

* Some of them are planned for the full release.
- Original artwork.
- A fantastic and very safe building that could kill you at every step, namely a classic Italian school.
- A story based on Italian / Latin folklore, legends and fairy tales.
- Atmospheric sound design, with SFX made expressly for the game.
- Mack-style sprite
- Post game scenarios.
- Cats. In multiple senses.
- Multi Endings: true, normal, extra ending and two mirror bad ends. Choices matter. the story will be clear and complete in each ending, however different choices will lead to unlocking different cutscenes and dialogues. All the endings will tell you a little more about the characters, the story and the setting.

- Swear words from time to time, mention to smoking (tobacco), scopophobia (for one CG).
Blood, death. (Depending on the ending).

Both demos (english and italian) are here!


* Genre: Adventure, light horror, vague dark humor, hints of romance
* Estimated playtime: 30/40 minutes
* Warnings: Swearwords (just a little bit), mention to smoking, scopophobia (for one CG).
* You will need RPG Maker VX Ace RTP for the demo.

* Some things in the demo will be expanded later. The title screen and title theme, for example, are not definitive. The demo is meant to introduce story, characters and the type of gameplay.

* English is not my native language, so forgive my mistakes.
For the game release, I will double check the translation with native speakers.

Stay tuned!

Latest Blog

Minor update (Eng and ita demo)


Today I uploaded an updated version for the demos, both english and italian!

This is what I changed or corrected:

- Added a little dialogue branch.
- Added a silly game over! (I had some extra time, so...)
- Closed an empty room. I will use it to add more books about the lore and the story of the game in the future!

- Added the two new CGs.
- Corrected a couple of typos.
- Corrected a problem with an image (A certain window...)
- And all the previous ones!
So please, remember to download the 1.1 for the italian version! I will take down the older one soon.

Thank you for all the downloads/subs/views, this means a lot for me!

To the next time, hopefully with a devlog. Bye!


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Ayo this looks very promising! I love the mapping. *subscribed*
Ps: Un altro gioco promettente in lingua italiana. Non vedo l'ora di giocarci :))
It looks beautiful!

Thank you so much, really glad to hear that!

Ayo this looks very promising! I love the mapping. *subscribed*
Ps: Un altro gioco promettente in lingua italiana. Non vedo l'ora di giocarci :))

Oooh, thank you!
(Spero ti piacerĂ ! Grazie per i complimenti, a me piacevano un sacco le tue mappe sulla scheda di The Magic Pot **)

Sorry for the late answers, I was working on the demo! The english one will arrive soon, promise!
The demo is already here, cool! I'm gonna play this now :))
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