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It was supposed to be a simple job, but it turned out to be more complicated than I could have ever expected...

A week ago I was at the Adventures' Guild. I wasn't looking for anything too complicated. An easy assignment for a good amount of gold. The man at the counter said that he had a job that fit the description. He mentioned something about the village being remote and far away, which was why no one else had been interested in the job. My contact for the job was a woman named Reanna. The job description: help Reanna sing her song. I accepted the quest and started my journey to the far away town. That's where our story begins.

A Song in Elyel Nalore is a 2D action platformer. You can run, jump, and use a sword against various types of enemies. There are a variety of different levels, all interconnected together. There are also hard to reach areas with helpful upgrades.

A Song in Elyel Nalore is currently in early development. You can view this video to see a bit of the first 2 areas I created a couple of weeks ago.

Latest Blog

Progress - Part 3

Some new stuff:

-Shows how menus work.
-Has 3 save slots.
-Can gain exp. and level up.
-Keeps track of various stats.