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This game takes place hundreds of years before the main line series begins. You play as a archfiendess Demonica, a regional ruler, feared throughout her domain, and beyond.

She was taking a nightly stroll inside her castle when she is approached by a mysterious hooded man, when she tries to scare the hooded man away, the man was unfazed. Curious, she takes a closer look at the man. The next thing that happens is in a blur as she awakens in a small catacomb with no memory of what occurred once she met that man.

A small spirit approaches her and tells her of what transpired, as she was attacked by heroes from a neighboring country who defeated her. Shocked and appalled by such a tale, she seeks to return to her castle and reclaim her castle and domain, unaware that a scheme beyond even her is in the works.

This game will be a rogue action (metroidvania) game, where you will collect items and spells to help you navigate the domain and search for answers. Defeat the heroes and show them why you are known as the great Archfiendess!

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