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Progress Report

kylesword 1.0.5 update notes

Mostly small stuff.

Skills and States Stuff
-The max level has been increased from 20 to 24, and the heroes can learn one new skill each. You'll get a better chance to test them out when the postgame is released...

-TP Cost: 8 -> 7
-TP Cost: 8 -> 7
-Cast Away Evil
-Fixed the battlelog text.
-Resilient Body
-MP Cost: 18 -> 12

-TP Cost: 40 -> 28

Items and Equips Stuff
-Mana Flask and Mist Mana Potion
-MP Recovery: 20 -> 30
-Wizard's Brew and Wizard's Mist
-MP Recovery: 40 -> 50

-Focus Band
-TP Regen: 5% -> 7%
-Cost: 75 Sil -> 85 Sil

Enemy Stuff
-Final Boss:
-HP: Reduced by 2000
-Gets a slight boost to certain stats depending on the player's level, starting from level 19.

Map Stuff
-Added several darker patches of grass to the Midlands world map. They almost look like a path...

Dialogue Stuff
-A few nameplate fixes.
-A few dialogue changes for certain NPCs.

-Removed excess frames from several animations, meaning there's less delay between the end of the animation and the effect of the skill.


A Post About the Postgame

TDLR: The postgame will come out next month.

Hey so, remember how I said I planned to start and finish the postgame, Return to the Tower of KYLE, this month? Yeah, scratch that. It'll be out June instead because this month has been busier than I anticipated.
Sorry about that.


About the Postgame (also hey 100+ downloads)

Someway, somehow, this mess of a game and its predecessor have both gained over 100 downloads (including other sites).
That's a pretty significant milestone, I think, so I'd like to thank everyone who has checked out the KYLE duology. (Isn't that a fun word?)
I wanted to do something special for this achievement, but I just haven't had the time. I apologize for not having anything to show for it.
However, I do still have plans for this game. If you've beaten The Cursed Sword of KYLE, you might already know I planned on adding in a postgame dungeon "early 2023", which is vague as all hell. To be more specific, I now plan to start developing and to release the postgame sometime in May this year at the latest. (That still counts as early 2023, right?)
Why so late? Well, I'm busy. If I get less busy, the expected release window may change, but it probably won't.
In the meantime, though, I'll be leaving the game as-is unless I deem it necessary to fix or change something.
Anyway, thanks for reading. And remember, don't take any cursed objects home!


kylesword 1.0.4

-You can now discover the skills of arena enemies in the encyclopedia.

-The Orb now knows Thunderstorm.

-Dazzleblade has a 10% lower chance to inflict Confusion and Silence.

-Changed the move route of one of the guards in the stealth section.

-Added a door tile to Koltin.
-Got rid of some invisible collision tile in the Hill Church.
-Added the sword and shield sign to the smith in Koltin.

-The Koltin General Store now sells Red Mist Potions and Phoenix Ashes.

-The Frostbrand chest now does, in fact, give the Frostbrand.


kylesword 1.0.2

This update makes it now possible to discover most of the skills in the encyclopedia. There are also a few fixes and some balance changes.

Patch notes:

-When encountering an enemy, all the skills that enemy can use will be discovered in the encyclopedia.
-Note that this has not yet been fixed for arena enemies. This'll be dealt with in a later update.

-Added some informative dialogue to the Olrock General Store shopkeep.

-Removed a couple of shadow tiles from dungeon 2.

-Fixed the battlelog text for the Distortion Wave skill.

-Wraith Lck 20 -> 18
-Made a couple of small changes to the final boss.
-Frostwolf now knows Blizzard.
-Undine M.Atk 42 -> 40.
-Undine now knows Raging Tides instead of Waterfall.
-Undine's pattern has been changed.

-Kivari will now learn Silent Weapon at Lv15 and Swiftquiver at Lv18.

Progress Report

kylesword 1.0.1

Just a couple fixes.
Patch notes:
-Unarmed actor attacks now deal blunt damage instead of slash damage. (Corescript updates strike again...)
-You no longer go super fast during the opening (although it was kinda funny).

In the next patch, I'll address the issue of enemy skills not being discovered in the encyclopedia.
Unless there are any game-breaking bugs, however, I'll be holding off on releasing another update too soon. I'd like to know what people think before I fiddle too much with the balancing or whatever.


kylesword full release

The full version of the Cursed Sword of KYLE is now released!
Now, our somewhat experienced adventurers can complete their quest to deal with a certain troublesome treasure.
The main story is about 4-5 hours long, with some optional stuff here and there.

Progress Report

kylesword demo 1.0.7

okay this is the last one

-Fixed the special dialogue with the front door guard at Castle Olrock. It will now appear in the correct route.

-Added an obligatory stealth mission late in the main quest in one of the routes.

Progress Report

kylesword demo 1.0.6 - the final demo version (probably)

Version 1.0.6 of the demo is now available.

This update includes a lot of miscellaneous fixes and adjustments. Autosaving is now enabled, for one.
At this point, the game is 65-ish% complete, and I expect to have the full version out late next week. I need to finish the final dungeon, several cutscenes, and some optional stuff.
Unless there are serious issues with this version, I won't be updating the demo any more.

patch notes:
-The game will now autosave after finishing a battle and entering a map. The game shouldn't autosave during cutscenes.

-All bosses now drop more Sil.

-Some dialogue changes I forgot to document were implemented.

-Fixed a typo in Montoya the Magnificent's dialogue.

-The guard captain at Castle Olrock has another option for advice.
-The guard captain also has had his "prioritizing targets" advice adjusted.

-Map adjustments to the Riverside Cave.

-Fixed a typo in the Druidic Brew's description.

-KYLE's Sword now has a supplementary description that can be read in the encyclopedia.

-The Awake Mask is now called the Aware Mask.

-Skills, items, weapons, and enemies that have a non-100% chance to inflict status effects now show the % chance of inflicting a status in their description. The target and inflictor's Lck, however, can throw these percentages off.

-Skills granted by magic weapons that inflict elemental weaknesses now have the "normal attack" element.

-Increased minimum damage formula from /10 to + /4.

-Critical damage decreased from x2.5 to x2.

-All basic enemies, except for those in the arena, drop 1 more Sil. (It adds up.)

-Wraith Atk 26 -> 25
-Wraith M.Atk 24 -> 23

-Fire Wolf 25 ->26

-Bereskarn will now wait until later in the battle to use Bulk Up.
-Bereskarn Atk 27 -> 28

-Woodguard M.Atk 23 -> 20

-Enemy appear message is now " draws near!"

-The party will now fully heal after defeating a boss.

-Deleted a bunch of unused files so the game should take up less space and download faster.

-Slight tweak to the Deepest Murkwoods map.

-The Oldfort Arena map music has been changed.

-Added more bedrooms to Castle Olrock F2. (There's nothing really interesting in there yet, but hey.)

-Olrock City has a new NPC. He's walking his ol' dog. How nice.

-The fishing minigame is now a bit easier.

Progress Report

kylesword demo 1.0.5

Hey, you know how I said I'd hold off on updating the game till next week? Anyway, here's today's patch notes:

-The actors' encyclopedia entries now list what weapons and armor they can use.

-Castle Olrock has an additional NPC.
-The guard captain in Castle Olrock now gives battle advice. The game is made to be kind of punishing, so I figured his advice could help players who are having trouble.

-Fire Wolf now knows Duo Attack instead of Double Attack. Duo Attack is basically just a weaker version.

-Increased the MP cost of Istar's Diversion from 6 to 8.
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