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kylesword 1.0.5 update notes

Mostly small stuff.

Skills and States Stuff
-The max level has been increased from 20 to 24, and the heroes can learn one new skill each. You'll get a better chance to test them out when the postgame is released...

-TP Cost: 8 -> 7
-TP Cost: 8 -> 7
-Cast Away Evil
-Fixed the battlelog text.
-Resilient Body
-MP Cost: 18 -> 12

-TP Cost: 40 -> 28

Items and Equips Stuff
-Mana Flask and Mist Mana Potion
-MP Recovery: 20 -> 30
-Wizard's Brew and Wizard's Mist
-MP Recovery: 40 -> 50

-Focus Band
-TP Regen: 5% -> 7%
-Cost: 75 Sil -> 85 Sil

Enemy Stuff
-Final Boss:
-HP: Reduced by 2000
-Gets a slight boost to certain stats depending on the player's level, starting from level 19.

Map Stuff
-Added several darker patches of grass to the Midlands world map. They almost look like a path...

Dialogue Stuff
-A few nameplate fixes.
-A few dialogue changes for certain NPCs.

-Removed excess frames from several animations, meaning there's less delay between the end of the animation and the effect of the skill.