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Climbing the tower of the Void! It's just a 15 minutes visit!

Good day, adventurers!
Today we'll slay a demon, face also other creatures and meet Mario!
Yes, I mean SuperMario from the Mushroom Kingdom, and all this will happen in 12-15 minutes during this game! You do not believe me? Well, play and see!

The Tower of the Void is a fairly recent RPG Maker VX Ace short complete game made by AjXero, I say recent because it was released in 2022.

In this game we play as a famous demon slayer (we chose the name, because it has just ???, not even a default name, but it's ok) that is hired by the King of Exalis to explore the mysterious Tower of the Void that appeared out of nowhere and is the mone of a dark demonic entity.
This game is a classic rpgmaker jrpg with a party of a single man (that has several skills, some use TPs and other Mps), and unfortunately the game also uses random encounters, but luckily you can escape from them. The protagonist is a classic silent hero and a blank slate, but it's quite powerful so you won't miss the lack of shops and consumables (even if when opponents uses statuses on our hero it can be annoying and lead to defeat! The exception is the final boss that uses spells and our hero... wears equipment that reflect spells! After all he's a professional, but turns that anticlimatic battle into a joke!). The game has three different possible epilogues.

Oh yeah I am! You're the disease and I am the cure!

There isn't much to say about battles, the hero has various generic abilities and has to fight or avoid enemies while exploring maps that... were strangely familiar. The reason why is that these are RPG Maker VX Ace premade maps, the same I've already seen in The Tower of Kyle, a game that was released the same year, and I liked a bit more, because 1)it was a longer party-base adventure and 2) didn't use random encounters.

I do not mind the RTPs assets used, but the game looks quite generic and lacks some depth that could have made it more interesting and fun to play: more dialogues, events and maybe even a shop or companions. On the other hand I liked the character battler, the facesets used, the dialogue window and the lack of bugs and errors.

Final Verdict
The Tower of the Void is not a really bad game but it's quite generic and forgettable, anyway it actually has some interesting bits like some collectibles and apparently also the presence of three different epilogues.
That's more or less everything, this is a pretty simple and basic game that does not have any kind of real problem or bug, but does not really offer anything new, besides the different endings. If you are crusious five it a try, it's pretty short!