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Set in a forest where plants had become sentient, follow the journey of Leafko, a little girl who searches for ancient relics to prevent the rebirth of a dark entity. In each episode, the protagonist meets a different character with unique abilities. Bring light back to nature before it's too late.

Chapter 1 to 5 are now available!


  • Explore various locations and dungeons taken by nature. Each dungeon has its own dynamics and useful items, some even keep secrets to find.

  • Simplified turn-based combat with classic mechanics. Equip swords, daggers, shields and everything that reminds to old-school RPGs. Not to mention that plants also wield magic.

  • Dig into an interesting lore about kingdoms and nature. Relations between the different type of plants, from leaves to flowers, from fruits to nuts. Each location has an interest history to read about.

  • Meet a new character in each chapter. Unlike other RPGs, the player doesn't control a large group of members, but just the protagonist or a partner who helps her on certain moments of the plot. Know their stories and their conflicts, maybe they help Leafko to grow.

What kind of characters will acompany Leafko? We should wait to see.


Forestia is a huge forest where plants have become aware and have built kingdoms. These beings, called 'Herbaes', live in harmony with nature, worshiping the forest as gratitude.

Some centuries ago, the Herbae discovered a way to obtain more resources through new technology. Although they had brought progress, they became ambitious. From their malice, a dark entity emerged and began to consume everything, polluting the forest. Four braves decided to confront it and sealed darkness with their weapons. Nature blossomed again and the heroes' weapons became relics. A new era of peace had begun, but the fear of a new malice emerging still remained.

In the present, Leafko, a very insecure girl, has been chosen as the priestess of the Citadel. Guided by the Monarch and her tutor Fertile, she must prepare for the Blossoming Ceremony, a ritual in which new plants will sprout. Frustrated with not being able to fulfill her tasks and the pressure that her tutor puts on her, Leafko has nightmares about a dark entity that she can't understand.

Chapter Trailers


Leafko is still in development, so many things could change. Stay tuned by upgrades and patches, you can follow me to get news about this game. You are free to contribute to this project by donating through Patreon or PayPal!

Each episode will be released whenever I think is finished.

(Developed in RPG Maker MV, some assets belongs to that engine. SRD and YEP plugins are used too.)

Latest Blog

'Leafko - Chapter 5' is available now!

This is the fitfth chapter of 'Leafko, a story of plants'. If you don't know yet what it is, 'Leafko' is an RPG Maker game told episodically. Unlike other games, in 'Leafko' the player doesn't control a large group of members, but just the protagonist or a partner who helps her most of the time. These companions only appear in their respective episodes, being able to have different strategies depending on their special abilities.

"Follow the journey of Leafko, a little plant-girl who searches for ancient relics to prevent the rebirth of a dark entity. In each episode, the protagonist meets a different character with unique abilities and emotions. Bring light back to nature before it's too late.

Infiltrate the dreaded Insecta Fortress, a maze built from the most disgusting materials. Retrieve lost treasures, smash bugs to death, or go in full stealth. It’s your decision how you’ll finish this mission."

Saves from previous chapters are compatible too. There are new places to visit and sidequest to discover!

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  • 12/30/2022 07:52 PM
  • 10/06/2023 09:46 PM
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Sir Redd of Novus: He who made Prayer of the Faithless that one time, and that was pretty dang rad! :D
This game has a lot of heart and soul poured into the world and it's people! I tried Leafko on stream and had a good time all around. Initially, I thought the game was in Spanish only since that was the default language, but it's impressive that you have two different language supports that you can toggle in game.

The English is a bit wonky, but that wasn't enough to stifle the personalities of the characters (and even the NPCs). I liked Leafko, and wanted to see where events would take her. It really helps that this game's art style is very cute and endearing. The expressive faces sets and creative setting really come together to give this world a distinct feeling to it. There are some oddities, like how a fountain in the market square doesn't animate or how some of the RTP music tracks don't quite fit in well with the game's more relaxed tone (the victory theme in particular is a bit too bombastic and feels really out of place), but they aren't dealbreakers for me.

Battles are where this game takes a few missteps, though. Granted, I've only gotten so far as to beat the first cult member causing a scene in the town square, so I haven't done too much fighting, but the biggest issue I have is that the party's attacks tend to miss. A lot. And there is no way that I can tell to increase the party's accuracy or reduce the enemy's evasion. Battles are difficult and don't require too much strategy to win, so the frequent misses don't do anything but elongate an already simplistic fight. Also, while some semblance of similarities in skills are to be expected between Leafko and Fertile since Fertile is Leafko's teacher, but the game advertises itself as needing to utilize each partner's unique skillset to win battles. Not only are 90% of Fertile's skills identical to Leafko's but you can get through battles just by holding Spacebar and doing basic attacks. Fertile claims to be able to use fire magic if she could get her hands on a staff, so why doesn't she have a staff equipped at the very start? At least that would make battles a little more interesting if Fertile had a more distinct moveset at the very start.

Overall, though, I'm really enjoying my time with Leafko! I'm gonna keep at it and let you know more as I go along. Subbed!
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