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Follow the journey of Leafko, a little plant-girl who searches for ancient relics to prevent the rebirth of a dark entity who threatens to destroy nature. In each episode, the protagonist meets a different character with unique abilities and emotions. Bring light back to nature before it's too late.

  • Explore various locations and dungeons taken by nature.Each dungeon has its own dynamics and useful items, some even keep secrets to find.

  • Dig into an interesting lore about kingdoms and nature.Relations between the different type of plants, from leaves to flowers, from fruits to nuts. Each location has an interest history to read about.

  • Meet characters that only appear in their respective episodes, being able to have different strategies depending on their special abilities.Unlike other RPGs, the player doesn't control a large group of members, but just the protagonist or a partner who helps her on certain moments of the plot. Know their stories and their conflicts, maybe they help Leafko to grow.

What kind of characters will acompany Leafko? We should wait to see.

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