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Salvatore has been tasked with fetching a carton of milk for his colleague/superior/peer-with-an-ambiguous-level-of-authority-over-him. Now he must embark on a short, mildly annoying journey halfway across the coast to the decidedly-not-local grocery store to obtain it. Will he return, or will he disappear without a trace for multiple decades? (A: Most likely the former)

PB: SGttStBSM features:
-ELEVEN incredibly SMALL ROOMS to explore

-A DOZEN OR SO NPCs to begrudgingly talk with

-SIX music tracks composed by THE GUY WHO MADE THIS (And one track that wasn't)


-A STORE, and SOME MILK (I would never lie to you)

'Pawn Beach' is a concept that began to develop when a stupid workplace comedy premise suddenly came up in my head:
"What if, a pawn shop... but you can pledge anything that exists?"
This later spiralled into myself (and a couple people I know) making up hypothetical characters that would work in this hypothetical shop and silly 'episode' ideas for this hypothetical show. Eventually, at least for me, it all culminated in a genuine attachment to the concept and characters, and a desire to make them into something tangible. This short game is effectively a dumping ground for a few of these ideas, as well as a way to experiment with the cast and world and how they might function in a real piece of media.
Also there's this whole thing where the non-Sal characters are actually from a "dream world" that somehow leaked out into 'our' world and represent dreams that human beings have had previously, but while the game references that, it doesn't give any real explanation as to how it works so if you're going in expecting some context, you'll probably be disappointed. Sorry about that

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SGttStBSM Soundtrack Available on SoundCloud Now, I Guess!?

Yesterday, for some unknown reason, I thought I'd slightly edit each song I composed and arranged for this game myself and then publish them on SoundCloud as a 6-track album, so I'd like to put out there that you can now listen to them at your leisure here if you really want to
(Don't pay any mind to whatever else you see on there just the soundtrack everything else is irrelevant)

I would also like make it clear that I don't intend to just keep pushing this thing and milking it until it's dry and withered (which wouldn't take that long anyway), and I've been working on-and-off on an unrelated and much larger, if more derivative project since the beginning of this month, so expect to see that on page 100 when it's done in 5 million years!
  • Completed
  • jake-d
  • RPG Maker 2003
  • Adventure
  • 12/31/2022 12:26 AM
  • 01/26/2023 02:30 PM
  • 12/30/2022
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