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The Water is Wide... But not as deep as the love I'm in!

The Water is Wide is an underrated gem from 2022, that mixes horror and comedy in a way that makes it unable to not care for the characters. Not only is the story interesting and engaging, but the gameplay is super creative and fun as well. If you want to discover the mysteries that the sea holds, please check it yourself. You won't regret it.

With that being said, let's begin this review with Spoilers of...

1. Gata Island (Presentation)

The visual composition in TWIW is simply marvelous. From the beautiful underwater and islandcore maps, to the cute busts, and including every single fish that you have to collect for one of the subquests.

Each chapter takes you to a new place under the sea, while you use Gata Island, as your main hub to rest, take sidequests from a couple of characters and dolphin train.

From there, you can access the underwater maps that serve as chapter selection. You have to complete each map to access to the new area, that way... We have...

Chapter 1 with MAURI REEF

A little reef near Gata Island where you meet many tropical fishes and a couple of dolphins ~

Chapter 2 with GALENE MANOR

A mysterious mansion near Italy, that has been consumed by the sea.

Chapter 3 with the ROSS SEA

In the middle of the Antartic you may find an Iceberg, forgotten long ago...

Chapter 4 with the LAOT TRENCH

A scary abyssal hole in the middle of the ocean, where you'll find some interesting items that suggest you're not the first person to step a foot here.

Chapter 5 with the FLORES RIVER

In the middle of Brazil, you'll never get sick of this river ~

Chapter 6 with the TALUD

A shelf sea around the north of Spain... I wonder what kind of friends you'll meet here ~

Since chapter 7, the final one is still in development we have no clue what awaits us there, so I can't say for certain. But if the ones we had before are any indicator, I can confidently it will be just as beautiful.

To end this section I would like to talk about the music selection. Each map and moment has it's theme, that fits them like a glove. You'll find yourself singing along the MAURI REEF's catchy theme, or even predicting when MC's theme will play just because of how good the delevoper has thought of when to play each piece.

The game's story itself has to do a bit with music, so there's no suprise there!

With that, I think we can now talk about...

2. Mauri Reef (The Story)

Since I don't want to spoil too much, I'll try to be as vague as possible, but still it's impossible to rate without revealing a bit.

The Story follows a young man who's been rescued by a boat in the middle of the sea. With no recolection of his memories, he has no choice but to stay with his savior until he's able to recall his past life.

You're able to name the Main Character, so this means that he has no official name. However, for the sake of making this review easier, I'll be using the name I gave him in my playthrough, and that is "Tonino".

Tonino meets his savior, Comi, a little girl who lives in the peculiar Gata Island with her grandmother. Against his will, he promises that he will work in exchange of food and a roof to stay under.

The work they do in Gata Island is that of diving in the search of exploring the sea and taking tasks from clients all over the world who need certain items from some dangerous areas.

In Chapter 1, Comi asks Tonino to help her find an item of her own: A flute that used to belong to her mother. Once you finish the chapter, Tonino and Comi find the flute, or rather, a piece of it. Since it's been broken ever since Comi got it as a present from her grandma. This flute is special, as Comi says, because it only works underwater. To demonstrate, Comi plays a little tune.

Right when she does, Tonino starts getting dizzy and ends up passing out. And then... We start to see a bit of his past. To be precise we see him, as a kid.

The first chapter ends with Tonino and Comi discussing this strange occurence. They believe that the flute must have something that triggers Tonino's brain to recolect the memories of his past, so with the help of Comi's Grandma's Diving Diary they decide that they will dive around the seven seas in the search of the missing flute pieces to help Tonino remember everything.

Each chapter follow the same formula: Tonino and Comi encounter a new area, they get into trouble but in the end they're able to get a new flute piece and some of Comi's mother's laminated music pieces. With these, each chapter ends with Tonino triggering a new memory that lets us learn a little bit more about himself.

It's brilliant. Just like a Sunday afternoon, they always end up finding what they need and get closer and closer to the truth. Tonino's memories get from dark to darker, in a sea of twists and turns that will make you loose your mind.

I've been following this game since Chapter 1, and can say with confidence that each time I finished a chapter I was always left wanting MORE.

SPECIALLY after Chapter 5, that was an insane ending!!

Of course, as the warning advised this game contains mature themes, flashing lights and jumpscares. It has horror elements so viewer discretion is advised.

3. Galene Manor (The Gameplay)
It has an easy going gameplay with puzzles around the maps you must solve in order to be able to get the flute pieces. It's not too hard, but some of them can be tricky! You'll have to investigate every item thorougly so you can get to the next level.

But it isn't that hard, since the game relays on telling an interesting story more than a overall complicated gameplay.

Now, aside from the main story we have three big sidequests that we must complete to get the full experience of out The Water is Wide.

1. Treasure Hunting

While searching for your lost memories, you'll also be able to search for items that clients have lost, and are eager to get back!

Each chapter has its own lost item, that you must find by triggering a secret room, a secret event or even by playing hide and seek!

Chapter 6 ends with 6 available items to collect!

2. Fish Photography

In Chapter 1 we meet Kita, who tasks us with taking pictures of every fish we have the opportunity to see. Once you complete the album with all of them, something might happen ~

3. Dolphin training

From Chapter 2 onwards, you'll be able to train your own dolphin to fight in acrobatic battles! Once you defeat every single contender, you might meet the legendary Nix!

4. ROSS SEA (Overall)

I'm absolutely loving everything this game has to offer! Not only there's a super engaging linear story with interesting mysteries, but the subquests with the dolphin training and the collectible sea creatures are so FUN.

The character designs are so creative and pretty, and the whole underwater sceneary is just beautiful. It really feels like a submarine adventure exploring new areas not touched in years by humans.

I love the way ToninaDev can manages to combine both comedy and angst so easily, it feels so natural. One second you're laughing and the next you're filled with dread. And then you're laughing again.

The horror aspects are good too, I could feel myself on the edge of my seat, even if I knew the jumpscares were coming.

The game will only contain 7 chapters, and I can't stop making theories on what will happen, or rather... What happened. Every character at this point seems suspicious of stuff and for the life of me I can't wait to see the answers to everthing.

But as I said, I've been following since Chapter 1 so I can't help but feel... Really sad about it. I really want to know how everything will end, and hope all the characters get their happy endings, but at the same time I'm not ready to say goodbye.

Everyone should get up to date before the big finale, YOU WON'T REGRET IT!