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Check out the demo walkthrough if you need it: WALKTHROUGH

"What is the Droste Effect? It's something that contains itself in a seemingly infinite cycle..."

The game follows a girl named Alexandra, who moves to a new house in the Swiss countryside with her family. The house is beautiful, with stunning views and a cozy, intimate atmosphere. However, as Alex begins to settle in, she begins to notice strange happenings around her, like what she believes to be vivid dreams about the house's past. Alex will soon find herself forced to uncover the truth, living a bizarre adventure to find out more. Through the memories, Alex will realize that the distant past of the house is closer to her than she thought.

Will she be able to escape and get her present back?

Droste Effect is a 2D puzzle game with survival horror elements created with rpgmaker XP. The game experiments with mechanics that are not common to find in games made with this program.

The game is full of interactive mini-games that will allow players to have a more immersive and fun experience, in addition to the classic puzzles in which you have to find items to collect.

Exploration is also a very important element of the gameplay: small details can be hidden everywhere in the various environments. These details could be useful both in solving the various puzzles and in understanding the plot in its entirety.

Among the game mechanics, the one most present is the use of equipables. Equipables are special items that can, and in many cases must, be used throughout the game once collected.

The flashlight is a very important equip, which will allow the player to see even in the dark. There will be several completely dark environments in which the flashlight will be essential. However, the flashlight battery runs down when used for too long and you'll only have three spare batteries to replace it.

The main survival element is sanity. This is indicated with a bar in the upper right corner and will be present for most of the game. Sanity drops whenever Alex is in the dark and she will need to be very close to a light source (candles, flashlight, etc.) to increase it again. Sanity can also decrease when Alex gets scared (e.g. a sudden loud sound).

If your sanity reaches zero, you will not have the gameover immediately but playing will be more complex: Alex will be slower and the screen will turn red. In this condition of "madness" of Alex, a simple scare will be enough to cause the actual gameover.

~ A mix of classic and interactive puzzles
~ Immersive exploration (possibility to read books, look at paintings, and more)
~ Particular game mechanics
~ Survival elements
~ Achievements and collectibles
~ 4 endings
~ At least 2 hours of playtime (more if you want to complete it 100%)

Warning: This game contains flashing lights and visual patterns which may affect players with photosensitive epilepsy or other photosensitivities. Furthermore, this game is not suitable for those who are sensitive to topics such as suicide, depression and religion. Proceed at your own risk.

Available languages:

The DEMO is currently available

N.B. The DEMO is for demonstration purposes only of game mechanics. Storyline, mini-games and puzzles will be different in the full game.

- Demo playtime: at least 15/20 minutes

The DEMO can also be downloaded from itch.io or gamejolt:

Latest Blog

Added new Demo version [v1.03] + patch for old version

Fixed various bugs including:

  • graphical errors

  • a more serious bug that made it difficult to progress (related to the diary)

  • a memo that didn't update

  • tiles passability

We have also added some details in the environment, and updated some tutorials to make it easier to understand a game mechanic.
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  • 01/02/2023 07:41 PM
  • 01/18/2023 04:18 AM
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