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Sacred Earth - Alternative is a short hybrid visual novel/RPG that tells the story of a world long ruined by events of the past and the people left behind on it.

Play as a lone girl who has awoken after a seemingly long slumber, and travel to learn and remember just what happened here, and where all of your friends have gone.

Main Features

- Visual Novel Presentation: The main story is presented in traditional VN style, with characters speaking to one another through expressive portraits rather than classic RPG maps and sprites.

- Node Based Travel: Rather than walk around like a traditional RPG, players will traverse webs of nodes where many events happen one after the other. Manage your TP for the smoothest dungeon experience.

- Fast Paced Turn Based Combat: Combat is fast and furious. Placing emphasis on managing resources and utilizing your skills' many beneficial effects to come out on top.

- Elemental Superiority: Take control of the battlefield with Field Elements, and unleash Elemental Arts to pile on massive amounts of damage against your foes.

- Voice Acting: Bring the story to life with character lines voiced in many scenes via a talented cast of actors.

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