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The battle of the developers: Fun with Bugs!

This time I'm playing and reviewing "That's my Exploit Keeper!" by Waldorf, a short adventure puzzle game in the realm of the bad rpgmaker games, for a reason that will be explained later.

This RPG Maker MZ game was made in less than a month, and is about Edinya, the green haired guardian of the Sacred Tree, that is also the leader of the village and the captain of the guards. One day she is contacted by a guard because something strange is happening in the forest. Evil wizards? Demons? Undeads? Orcs? Aliens? Dinosaurs? Well, no! The problem are the DEVELOPERS! The Developer of Origin and the Developer of Progress are in fact two powerful entities that are quarreling, fighting over who holds the intellectual property rights of the game. And Edinya intends to make them stop, but this won't be easy, at all!

SORRY? This is really absurd! And yet... we've to find a way to pay to access the rooms of the inn!

The game actually starts in the version created (uhm... stolen and modified, to tell the truth) by the Developer of Progress, a beautiful little fantasy game under a mysterious menace, but later it will be necessary to switch (using some portals) to the original version of the Developer of Origin, a buggy mess that will be instrumental to progress and solve the puzzles! Unbeatable enemies? There are some badly implemented things and glitches that can be useful. The path is blocked? Well, time to make use of some passability errors to overcome the obstacles!

I don't know if any other game attempted this, but the idea is real genious, luckily there is a key (Q) to respawn if you get stuck in the buggy version, and another (W) used to ask for advice to the Developer of Progress, but the real fun is discovering by tourself the solutions to the various problems, so I suggest to try that only as a last option if you are stuck. Now, I've said that this game is difficult to judge because I was constantly asking to myself if the glitches and bugs were real or done on purpouse. For example, once you enter the 0 room you cannot ask for hints anymore... is that a bug? The table inside the inn on the Developer of Progress version of the game is passable... is that a bug? Because some bugs clearly prevent particular actions, maybe they also prevent to be stuck...anyway I still belive that this is real genius!

Visually the game uses mostly RTPs and other assets I do not recognize but are probably for some resource pack, in any case it's cool noticing the differences from the cool, pretty version of the game and the amateurish buggy colorful mess that is the old version. Awesome. The charsets are likewise different, and the protagonist's faceset has a rougher appearance with the badly cut outline, not to mention the different window screens, etc... there's lot of attention to the details here.

The only way to win is by cheating! And unleash an endgame attack... against the very first opponent!

Final Verdict
This game may be short but it's not easy at all! I found it pretty challenging, even if probably you can complete it in an hour or little more (but you may save anytime and anywhere). But wait, there are two "normal" endings (that obviously lets you side with one of the two developers and make one of the two worlds the real one), plus one secret epilogue! That... I have no idea how can be obtained, but that's ok! This is still a fantastic game, where you are sometimes forced to think out of the box, it's original and fun, the concept of using errors and glitches to progress is really cool. Well done, absolutely!